Gardening Books for Kids

Spring brings new life all around, and there are plenty of books you can read to help get some ideas about your own backyard garden! Now the next time your kids ask questions about how gardens grow, there will be a list of books you can share together – six gardening books for kids.

Backyard Heroes by Rufus Bellamy

Have you ever wondered what the squirrels or spiders hanging out in your backyard garden do all day? Or how insects help our flowers? Find out the answers to those questions and more in Backyard Heroes! Featuring detailed images, an index and a glossary, this book stresses that more than just sun and water are involved in keeping our backyard gardens thriving. The book also features a page with websites and books for further information. Best suited for preschoolers and grade schoolers.

Alphabet Garden by Laura Jane Coats

Take a journey through a garden with a boy and his cat while learning the alphabet! Readers will use their senses as they learn about animals and flowers that fill the garden as they “listen to the buzzing bees” and “look down at the water lilies.” Each page features an upper- and lowercase letter with an accompanying picture, and the image is again featured as the story is being told. The final page of the book combines all the letters with pictures so the alphabet can be seen together. Best suited for infants to preschoolers, Alphabet Garden is an enjoyable book that will help children learn more about the gardens right in their backyards.

Touch a Butterfly: Wildlife Gardening with Kids by April Pulley Sayre

Written for adults, Touch a Butterfly: Wildlife Gardening with Kids gives practical projects that families can do together in the garden. The book offers advice for starting your wildlife adventures, including making observations, creating a family nature notebook and paying attention to the environments around you. Learn how to attract butterflies, birds and toads to your garden through the tips offered in the five parts of this book through practical advice and colorful photography.

Farmer’s Garden: Rhymes for Two Voices by David L. Harrison

Travel with a dog throughout the garden on the farm! Meet the animals and plants that call the farm home. Written for two readers, the rhyme makes this book of interest for children of all ages! Older readers would enjoy reading one of the parts, while younger children would enjoy hearing two adults alternating reading the parts. The colorful illustrations help the readers visualize what life is like in the farm’s garden.

Your Backyard (Discovering Nature) by Sally Hewitt

Another project-based book, Your Backyard provides pictures and step-by-step directions on projects that can be done in the backyard. They range from making a chart tracking insects and tracking ant nests to creating a winter bird cake. Younger children will need assistance from parents to complete projects, but middle school students and older will be able to follow the directions and complete projects on their own.

Yuck! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff in Your Garden by Pam Rosenberg

While gardens can be beautiful sites with colorful flowers and lush greens, there are mysteries hiding in them that can only be seen with microscopes. In Yuck! Icky, Sticky, Gross Stuff in Your Garden, learn about the organisms and bacteria in the dirt, the goo left behind by slugs, pollinators and, fitting to the title, poop. Featuring a mixture of photos and illustrations with colorful text, children will be entertained while learning scientific facts and acquiring new vocabulary like “amoeba,” “proboscis” and “regurgitates.”

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Gardening Books for Kids


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