Two years ago if you had told me I would not only be hiking in rain, but also in 20 degree weather and in snow with a baby strapped to my back I would have said no way.

That was so not me. I loved getting outside but I have to admit that I was always a fair weather outdoor enthusiast. If we hit the ski slopes and the weather was icky, you would usually find me sipping hot chocolate in the lodge. Rain in the forecast and a hike planned? I would look for another day.

I think this is pretty common for most people. Right? Is this you?

When my friend Beth Silva suggested we (1) get outside the whole month of November and (2) hike the 30 miles of the Wildwood trail in Portland over the course of the month. I thought, “Hmm. Okay. Why not?” What I didn’t think about was what that would really look like. I invited the rest of Hike it Baby to join me. So, with that invitation the spotlight was on me. I had to complete the challenge. We were going to do it.

I was hooked by not only the peer pressure, but also seeing how many people we were inspiring with our rainy, sleety and cold Oregon hiking photos. But then we saw pictures of all of the truly hardcore mamas and papas with their babies in Anchorage, and we became even more motivated. If they were hiking in the snow, we could definitely hike in the rain!

The Hike it Baby 30 challenge has come a long way from November 2014. Then, only a few hundred of us were posting pics from our hikes. Now, we have over 50 sponsors handing out awesome products. We have hiked thousands of miles since then and have seen a few thousand people hiking with us all over the country. Even more, our numbers are growing!

We are now going into year two of the Hike it Baby 30 Challenge, and our second fall and winter of hiking. It is inspiring to see how a group of people can motivate others across the continent. Now, we have other countries in the mix! South Africa, England, Canada, South Korea and Australia are all hiking with us, challenging their community to get out there!

There is strength in numbers. There is motivation when you have those, “Do I really want to go out today” days, when you have a place to login, and when you see others getting outside. If you need a reason to get out, the group is there 24 hours a day. This is the power of a global community like Hike it Baby. For me, you all are the reason I get out when I feel lazy!

Thank you for being part of this fun fall and I hope that wherever you are you are experiencing the outdoors in a whole new way with your family.


Thank you to our title sponsors for HIB30! Without you we couldn’t do all that we are doing to help get families outside!

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 Hiking news

Ever stop and think, “Wow, I really must be a Hike it Baby hiker.” We do too! Share your thoughts in this form and keep a look out on the blog. We’ll feature your comment. Here’s a snapshot at this month’s Getting out & staying out (2)

You know you have a HiB baby when she nurses to sleep flipping through a trail guidebook.
Maura Wamsley

You make sure to hide the hiking carrier from your two year old as you rush out the door for errands in order to avoid the tears when you tell him you aren’t going hiking today.
Melissa Hollingsworth, Atlanta

New to hiking or Hike it Baby? Were you a Hike It Baby Facebook lurker at first? Are you still? Get some tips on how to get over the “first hike” hurdle. 

Stay in the know with the Hike it Baby Blog!


T-shirt contest is in full swing!

What does Hike it Baby look like to you? Show us! Your design might just be selected to appear on our next t-shirt.

Hike it Baby’s first ever t-shirt challenge is open until November 20th. Members will vote on their favorite. The winning design will go into print and be available for everyone to buy. The winner will receive a t-shirt with their creation featured on it.

Send your submission to

You can use your favorite graphic design program. If you don’t have one, you can simply submit a hand-drawn image. If your design wins, we’ll make a digital version for you.

The rules:

  • Must be related to hiking. (Examples: take a hike, go hiking, be outside, etc.)
  • Must be an original design.
  • No photographs.
  • Must be saved as a photo file (jpg or png) and no bigger than 5mb.
  • Maximum dimensions are 3000 x 3000 pixels.
  • Minimum dimensions are 200 x 200 pixels.
  • 300 dpi, if you are doing your own digital design.
  • Design must only be in one color.
  • Designer gets to pick the color of the t-shirt, so keep that in mind as you are creating the image!
  • At this time we can only print on the front of shirts. No sides, backs, etc.
Follow along as submissions are added to Hike it Baby’s Facebook group photo album! Below is a small sampling.

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Through the lens: Meet Ashley Scheider

You may not have met her but you’ve definitely seen her photographs. To say Ashley is a Hike it Baby staff photographer is an understatement. She captures the Hike it Baby spirit! She went from somebody who never thought to hit the trail to leading waterfall hikes. Read about her first experience with Hike it Baby, ventures in photography, and favorite part about photographing Hike it Baby families.

“When kids are in nature, my favorite thing to photograph them doing is just exploring.  Touching, eating (pinecones anyone?), squishing things, throwing leaves, sitting in mud.  That’s what getting out is all about and it cracks me up!” -Ashley

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Are you ready to #optoutside?

On November 27 Hike it Baby is joining REI and others to #optoutside. Do you have a hike planned? Keep an eye on the calendar for a hike in your area. And don’t forget to share your adventures! Tag your social media posts with #optoutside and #hikeitbaby.

We want to get more people outside than ever before. Let’s get 10,000 of us out on the trails. Share the news. Make it a family and friends event!

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