Got 15 Minutes Step OutsideYesterday I went on a walk in Gabriel Park with my friend Ashley in the morning (so nice to see how many regulars she has on her Friday morning walks) and then as I was coming home I had all of these “things” I had to do….and all I could think is I would rather go for another walk.

Then like magic as I pulled up to my house I saw a woman who lives around the corner walking by my house at that moment with her 7 month old TRIPLETS!! I parked my car, jumped out and pulled out my stroller and joined her for a short walk around our neighborhood. It was such a nice impromptu walk. I had been dying to see how she was doing with her triplets, but I never stopped by because I felt like she was probably too overwhelmed for company.

I had so many other things I should have been doing….but I felt so much more focused and happy when I got home and stepped in my house after that! Besides hanging out with someone with triplets gives me perspective!!! There will always be laundry to fold and dishes to do….so remember as we step into the New Year to take care of you and step outside as much as you can with your little ones. Studies show you will be more productive, happier and 60% more creative (recent Stanford study) if you get outside and walk more.

Got 15 minutes? How are you going to spend the first month of 2015?


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