The local parks are so much busier than they were just a few weeks ago! Have you noticed that too? It’s the latest craze, the new Pokemon Go app.

A cross between reality and gaming, the game requires you wander around outside while looking at your phone to “capture” the little Pokemon. It’s a motivator for some to get outside who wouldn’t otherwise, a moment of nostalgia for others and sometimes even a family activity. Despite the currently crowded parks, it’s hard to argue that sometimes there are positive effects to technology.

Pokemon is the trend of the moment and, like others, it will wear off. The hope is that a love for getting outside sticks and continues to grow. Hike it Baby, a product built entirely on the exposure and spread from social media, is seeing more hikes on the calendar than ever before and soon we’ll have 300 branches for you all to visit around the country.

Tips to help foster that newfound love for getting outside: 

  • Make it a family thing – Already have a hike on your schedule? Can’t get the big kids out? Talk the older kids into it with a little Pokemon Go time, and simultaneous hike or stroll.
  • Change it up – Visit new parks and trails when you go out. You might even come across new and different Pokemon while you are there.
  • Continue the challenge – Keep the game-component going! This September the Hike it Baby 30 Challenge returns. Shoot for 30 miles in 30 days, 30 minutes 3 times a week, or create a goal of your own for some outside time.

Keeping your little ones on trail

We’re excited to share our second Hike it Baby summer series video brought to you by our video partner Baby K’Tan. This time we highlight 10 tips for keeping your toddler and little ones on trail.

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