Change and growth is good and we have only just begun to evolve into the amazing community we plan to become…

Were you a little surprised when you went looking for your Hike it Baby FILL IN YOUR CITY calendar this morning and it wasn’t there. You might have had a momentary panic and thought wait, did my branch close down?! Nope. We’re not going anywhere. We are here for you. What we are doing, however is building out one vast network of families hiking across the country and so instead of having separate calendars, it makes sense to have just one. And so that’s what we have done.

This calendar tool was built out thanks to all of you awesome Hike it Baby families who contributed to the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign and spread the word on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. If you don’t know about please click the link and watch our video.

Otherwise, watch this video below and learn how to submit a hike! the Hike it Baby 30 is just around the corner. This is a good time to start planning those miles out!


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