HiB Hike On Winner Profile Sarah BolesOn July 25th Sarah and Ethan(14 months) hiked with HiB Kansas City for the Hike it Baby Hike On! event and were entered to win a prize! They won a Specialized Small Fry Child Helmet just by registering their hike that day!

What hike did you conquer on Saturday, July 25th? What was your favorite part of hiking that trail?
Ethan and I led a hike at James A Reed In Lee’s Summit, Mo. We were joined by 9 other families for a great walk in the woods before the heat advisories kicked in. My favorite part of the hike was how excited some of our “older” kids were to lead the hike and explore!

Did you have any obstacles to overcome to get out or while on your hike that day?
Ethan was pretty uninterested in hiking that morning, but half way through he decided to get out of the carrier and walk with us. He ended up having such a great time.

Why do you think hiking is a positive influence in our children’s lives?
Smelling fresh air, tasting a rock, digging fingers into the mud, hearing squirrels chatter, seeing water rush down a creek – hiking engages all your senses!

What is your advice for anyone who is contemplating hiking with their little ones for the first time?
Seeing Ethan’s face light up when he sees a big stick to carry or a particular rock that he cannot wait to throw as we hike along is priceless. Hiking is so much more than a walk in the woods for a child. They experience everything with all of their senses and it’s such a great reminder to slow down and enjoy it yourself. If you have any reservations about hiking with your child(ren) start small and easy and take advantage of the safe community that Hike it Baby has to offer.

Are you excited about the prize you won? Tell us about what you plan to do with it!
We are so excited about winning a helmet! And so thankful! Ethan has his first bike that we push him around the living room on. I can’t wait for all the adventures in the near future that this helmet will be a part of!

HiB Hike On Winner Profile Sarah Boles


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