HIB Winner Profile - Brittany ColemanMeet Brittany! She competed in the HiB30 Challenge this June and won a HIB Babyclava and T-shirt. She and 2 year old Paxton hiked 15 miles with HiB Nashville!

Was this your first Challenge? If yes, how did it motivate you to get outdoors? If this was not your first Challenge, how was it different from your previous experience? Yes, it was. I really wish we hadn’t had a virus and been in the process of buying a house/moving during this challenge because we didn’t get in as many miles as we would have liked, but we enjoyed every minute of what we did. We look forward to the next challenge!!!

What was the biggest obstacle you faced during this Challenge and how did you overcome it? The summer heat and humidity. We tried to go early morning or evening hikes as much as possible.

Where was your favorite hike this month? Why is it your favorite? The Volunteer Trail Loop at Long Hunter State Park. It was our longest trail, our 1st trail with a carrier, and the first one that Dad was able to make in a long time.

How easy or hard was it to get out and accomplish the miles you achieved? Any advice for families who think they could never do 30 miles in 30 days? It’s super easy to make it happen. Even withour family having a virus the first few weeks and then chaotic schedule due to buying a house, we were still able to get in half of our miles. Next time getting them all should be a breeze, I hope. 🙂

If you could describe your HiB30 Challenge this June in 3 words what would they be and why? I would describe the Hib30 challenge as empowering because it’s something you can do that you might not have thought was possible independently, much less with small children. Also, as family-oriented, because while it is something you can do independently it’s also a great way to foster a love for being outdoors with your entire family. Lastly, addicting! It doesn’t take long for you to become dependent upon getting outside to feel well and yourself.

Do you already have big plans for the prize that you won? Tell us how excited you are about your win! I haven’t won anything since grade school and I’m nearly 30!! So yes, I’m incredibly excited!!

Don’t forget, to be entered to win awesome prizes like these. all you have to do is register for the next HiB30 Challenge!



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