Hike it Baby is so excited about how many people are challenging themselves with us in our HiB30 Challenges! This month, registration officially closed on the 15th but we are opening it back up for a few days to encourage more families to join in. You can back-log your minutes and miles or just join in and have fun with us for the rest of the month. Why should you register for the Challenge? Carmyn from Casper, WY tells how she has realized the benefits of joining in on the HiB30 Challenges:

I will admit there was a challenge going on last June when I first started doing HiB hikes. I didn’t really “get” the concept of participating in a challenge.

– So, there’s a spot to log my miles.
– I am entered into a separate Facebook group just for the challenge.HiB30 Challenge Registration Extended 4 Reasons Why You Should Join
– I could win some great door prizes just for joining the challenge.
– And I have to pay a fee to do this?
– But I was going to hike either way and it’s not that hard to log my own miles.
– I have enough Facebook groups in my life, thank you very much, and I never ACTUALLY win
door prizes. I’m just not lucky.
– And why pay $10 to join this…

Well. I have done three challenges now. And I see things differently.

1. It is actually pretty cool to see my miles add up using the digital dealio they have for challenge members to log their kiddos miles. I never really do keep track and this helped me see how much we’d done and motivated me to do more. I hiked nearly every day last September. It was amazing and totally related to the challenge.

2. The Facebook group is pretty cool. I was amazed and touched by people’s stories about battling post-partum depression, social anxiety, and more. I loved reading about people’s goals and watching everyone cheer one another on. Seeing pictures folks would post made me want to get outside all the more. It’s such a great reminder of the larger Hike it Baby community we are all a part of if we want to be. And it’s supportive and kind and kicks butt!

3. I haven’t won a door prize for any challenges or lead a hikes yet, but two of our members have won things! So, that’s pretty cool. I think that’s an added bonus and really the reward is in spending time with my little guy in the great outdoors, meeting some cool people and exploring our world.

4. They now have a sliding pay scale for the challenge. You can pay $5 — $50. Whatever you want to pay, whatever you can afford. It’s all good. This way no one is excluded based on cost. The reason there’s a fee at all is because this is a kind of “fundraiser” for Hike it Baby that helps with administrative costs to run the website and other processes such as Branch Lead training.

I would encourage each of you to consider doing the April challenge. In addition to everything I’ve already said, it’s even more fun when there are local folks who are also doing it, because we can cheer each other on in an even more personal way.

Carmyn Juntunen is a branch lead for the Hike it Baby Casper group. New to Wyoming, Hike it Baby has been instrumental in her transition to a the community – from making friends, to exploring the area and promoting Hike it Baby.

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