HiB30 Challenge Winner Profile - Andrew Banks (1)Hey Hikers! Meet Andrew! He hiked with Julian, 10 1/2 months, in the June HiB30 Challenge with the Hike it Baby Boulder, CO group. He stopped keeping track after 36 miles, about 2/3 of the way through the challenge. Way to go! Just by registering he was entered to win a prize and won a HIB Babyclava + HIB Tshirt from our Hike it Baby online shop!!

Was this your first Challenge? If yes, how did it motivate you to get outdoors? If this was not your first Challenge, how was it different from your previous experience?
This was our first HIB30 challenge. I would not say that it significantly influenced our behavior in terms of actually getting outdoors. However, it was very affirming – surprising, even – to discover how much we get out on a regular basis. It also helped us see opportunities in seemingly mundane activities, such as walking to the grocery store; instead of viewing it as a chore, by logging miles for HIB30 we began to see it as another chance to enjoy being outdoors – and oh yeah, we get some groceries out of it too!

What was the biggest obstacle you faced during this Challenge and how did you overcome it?
It was a really wet June, and most of our favorite trails were closed due to extremely muddy conditions. It was aggravating not to be able to hike where we wanted, but the benefit was that it forced us to try new trails that we’d never been on before. We discovered some awesome ones that have become some of our new favorites!

Where was your favorite hike this month? Why is it your favorite?
Our favorite hike was hiking Mt. Galbraith, near Golden CO, with our friends. It was a spectacular hike and probably the most miles we had ever hiked with our baby! The date happened to be June 6, National Trails Day, and it was great to see so many people out on the trail that day. It was especially enjoyable because we got to share one of our favorite activities – hiking – with our friends who don’t really consider themselves avid hikers. They had a really good time too, and it set the stage for future hikes with them.

HiB30 Challenge Winner Profile - Andrew Banks (2)How easy or hard was it to get out and accomplish the miles you achieved? Any advice for families who think they could never do 30 miles in 30 days?
For us it felt easy, because walking and hiking are important for our mental health as a couple. We have found that even taking 20 minutes to walk around the block makes a huge difference in terms of how we feel. And a walk around the block is almost a mile for us. That’s the advice we would offer to families who feel overwhelmed at the prospect of 30 miles in 30 days: just walk out your front door and stroll around the block. Take it fast, take it slow: just breathe deeply, look up, down, and all around, and enjoy this intimate time with your baby(ies)/child(ren). If you’re anything like us, you’ll get back to your door and just want to keep going!

If you could describe your HiB30 Challenge this June in 3 words what would they be and why?
Solo. Solidarity. Discovery. We didn’t make it on a single HIB hike in June, hence the word solo. However, we felt a sense of solidarity with other HIB families, knowing that they were all out there logging miles too! And the fact that there were so many the trail closures in our area meant that we ended up discovering new trails that we’d never been on before.

Do you already have big plans for the prize that you won? Tell us how excited you are about your win!
Our big plans are simply to wear the shwag! HIB is a tremendous resource to our community. We will be proud to wear the HIB logo on our chests/heads/wherever in hopes that people will ask about it and we can spread the word.

The next HiB30 Challenge is going on now! Join in to be entered to win awesome prizes and become part of a great community of families getting outdoors!


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