Hike it Baby is so excited for the winners of the HiB30 Challenge Prize Drawing! Our incredible Challenge Sponsors at Doodle Pants, MyMayu, Ella’s Wool, Simply Merino and Stonz Wear have generously donated prizes and we can’t thank them enough! These lucky winners were picked from a random drawing of everyone who participated in the January 2016 HiB30 Challenge. Here is what they have to say about their experience with this Challenge!

Prize:  Doodle Pants ($75 gift code)
Debbie Clement hiked with Emma, 11 months and achieved 34.7 miles, 1,099 minutes.

Prize:  MyMayu Boots, Liners & Wrist Gaiters
Rachel Adams hiked with Jessica, 4 yrs., Hannah, 22 mo. and achieved 17 miles, 1650 minutes.

Prize:  Ellas Wool Tubes unisex leggings
Bharathi Sabapathy hiked with Aari (21 mos) and Hana 7 years and achieved 46.23 miles.

Prize:  Simply Merino Wool Hat
Elizabeth Rawlins hiked with Byron 4 and Abby 1.5 and achieved 3 miles and 180 minutes.

Prize:  Stonz Wear – Winners Choice boots or booties
Jennifer Simmons hiked with Connor age 7, Parker 11mo and achieved Connor- 32.84mi/1,075min, Parker- 82.01mi/2,445min.

Did you notice a change in your family’s attitude about getting outdoors by the end of this winter Challenge?

image1-1-e1454429947411-225x300Debbie – Emma gets super excited to go outside and I find I crave outdoor time as well.
 – Both of my girls became very insistent to get outside!
Bharathi – Yes, we are getting out more than before in winter, even if it is few minutes around the neighborhood- which really helped in less winter related cold/illness.
Elizabeth – My son started to ask to go on a hike instead of hanging out at home.
Jennifer – Yes! My 7 year old is so excited for his next challenge now, he’s already set himself a higher goal for the next one. He says hiking is his hobby now. As for me I never would have thought to take an infant out daily in the winter. Hike it Baby gave me that motivation!

What was your favorite moment of this month’s Challenge?

Debbie – Reaching 30 miles. It didn’t happen in November, but we made it this time. I was so happy!
– Towards the end of the challenge, when asking my 4 yr old what she wanted to do that day, she said “hike with other Mommies!” ????
– Getting to hike with toddler for 5+ miles, which I thought was impossible for me before joining HiB.
– When my son, who just got into sledding this year, asked to go on a hike instead of staying and sledding. So, we added another mile and walked up to watch the people skating at a nearby lake.
– Seeing my youngest start to reach out to nature more, grabbing trees, rocks, whatever he can touch.

Why would you recommend joining the HiB30 Challenge to a family who may be considering joining the next one?

IMG_20160128_213312-169x300Debbie – It feels great to spend time together outside and it really helps to have the extra motivation and support.
 – It’s great motivation and excellent comradarie!
– HiB definitely helps in starting slow after baby with lots of ideas from moms around the world, ideas for shorter to longer hikes/walks, understanding winter clothing, how mamas and kids/babies can benefit from being just outside, even if it is less than a mile.
Elizabeth – It is fun and motivating.
Jennifer – It’s an accomplishment that your whole family can be proud of and not only do you have a great time doing it and making memories, you’re getting healthier and enjoying nature at the same time!!

Describe this Challenge in 3 words – Go!

Debbie – Fun, muddy, exhilarating!
– Just get outside!
– Anyone can do it (technically its 4 words).
 Challenging, motivating, and exhilarating.
– Hike every day!

Are you inspired? We are! Join us in the next HiB30 Challenge and you will be entered to win more amazing prizes just by registering! Not only that, you get to experience the fun of being included in the motivating HiB30 community and getting your family outside!


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