Hike it Baby is so excited for the winners of the HiB30 Challenge Prize Drawing! Our friends at Simple Wishes, Zutano, and our own Hike it Baby Shop have generously donated prizes and we can’t thank them enough! These lucky winners were picked from a random drawing of everyone who participated in the January 2016 HiB30 Challenge. Here is what they have to say about their experience with this Challenge!

Prize:  Simple Wishes Bra
Tracy Haas
 hiked with Vincent and achieved 14.60 mi and 588 min
Two other lucky winners won a Simple Wishes Bra!

Prize:  A gift from Zutano
Carrie Wenzel hiked with Archer, 19 months and achieved not a lot of miles but lots of minutes

Prize:  Hike it Baby T-shirt
Dawn Krift hiked with Cordova-2 and Kinley-8 months.

Prize:  Hike it Baby Water Bottle
Jessica Geerling
 hiked with Eli Geerling – 1.5 years old.

Prize:  Hike it Baby 30 Sticker Pack
One lucky winner won a Hike it Baby 30 Sticker Pack!

Did you notice a change in your family’s attitude about getting outdoors by the end of this winter Challenge?

HiB30 Challenge Winners (3) - Jan 2016Tracy – The winter challenge encouraged me to get out even on those days I really just wanted to stay in.
Carrie – We love getting out as a family. This challenge was difficult due to my LO’s HFMD and my pregnancy SPD. We were so thankful to get out in the sun and snow even if we were quarantined for most of the challenge.
Dawn – I went back to work full time so my kids were outside with their caretaker more than me!
Jessica – 
We had just moved from Boston to Charleston in December and I used the hike to encourage us to get out and enjoy the nice weather and explore our new neighborhood and city.

What was your favorite moment of this month’s Challenge?

Tracy – Snowshoeing with all my kids.
– Watching Archer go sledding for the first time. Priceless!
Dawn – 
Our sledding adventure in the backyard. Sometimes you don’t have to go far to have a great time outside. We also had a blast at our Winter Solstice. It was 6 degrees but the kids were running and sliding all over the frozen lake. too bad it was so cold the glow sticks in our balloons failed to glow.
Jessica – 
The challenge inspired me to take a walk with Eli where I let him walk and explore at his own pace. It took us maybe 30 minutes to go about a block but it was so fun to watch him interact with his surroundings and explore acorns and plants and greet strangers.

Why would you recommend joining the HiB30 Challenge to a family who may be considering joining the next one?

HiB30 Challenge Winners (3) - Jan 2016Tracy – The online support is awesome. Everyone is there to cheer you on.
Carrie – It’s so rewarding to meet other like-minded families, get support from the FB page, and the chance to win a prize is fun too.
Dawn – For the days you’re feeling lazy it’s motivation. there’s something or someone keeping you accountable.
Jessica – 
I found it to be a great motivator to get outdoors, and I never regretted it once I got going!

Describe this Challenge in 3 words – Go!

Tracy – Fun times outdoors.
– Let’s go sledding!
Dawn – 
Cold, challenging, dark
Jessica – 
New city exploration


Are you inspired? We are! Join us in the next HiB30 Challenge and you will be entered to win more amazing prizes just by registering! Not only that, you get to experience the fun of being included in the motivating HiB30 community and getting your family outside!


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