Hike it Baby is so excited for the winners of the HiB30 Challenge Prize Drawing! Our friends at Keekaroo, Cloud Line Apparel, Bronwen Jewelry, Avex, Hyland’s, and Timbuk2 have generously donated prizes and we can’t thank them enough! These lucky winners were picked from a random drawing of everyone who participated in the January 2016 HiB30 Challenge. Here is what they have to say about their experience with this Challenge!

Prize: Keekaroo Cafe Booster
Chantaé Pederson hiked with Tegan- Age 22 months and had a goal of 30 minutes/ 3 x/wk but lost track of time & mileage around wk 2.  Roughly 20 miles…

Prize: Cloud Line Apparel
Melissa Janezic hiked with Mara, 10 months and achieved exactly 50 miles.

Prize: Bronwen Jewelry – 1 tiny charm necklace and 1 ribbon wrap bracelet
One lucky winner will receive a Bronwen Jewelry package!

Prize: Avex Freeride Kids Bottle
One lucky winner will receive a new Avex Bottle!

Prize: Prize package from Hyland’s including: Arnica 30x, Calms Forte, Bumps n’ Bruises, Teething Tabs, Bug Bite Ointment and MGEL.
Jami Anderson hiked with Harper, 8 months and achieved 16.5 miles, 445 minutes

Prize: Timbuk2 Stork Customizer Bag
One lucky winner will receive a new Timbuk2 Bag!


Did you notice a change in your family’s attitude about getting outdoors by the end of this winter Challenge?

HiB30 Challenge Winners (4) - Jan 2016Chantaé – Absolutely! We’re in a new city and we were able to bond quickly with other families who were also determined to get out, despite the winter weather!
– Mara is a pretty go with the flow baby, so she’s always into whatever we are doing. The challenge did remind me not to be lazy after a long work day though!
Jami – 
We are always eager to get outside. The rainy weather this month foiled us, however.


What was your favorite moment of this month’s Challenge?

Chantaé – Hearing my daughter say she wanted to see her “baby friends” and transitioning to “toddler-led” & letting her lead the way.
– When Mara and I walked from Target to the zoo after we went shopping instead of getting in the car and driving the mile to the zoo. It was a great way to get 3 miles of walking (including the zoo) in and we got to check out the nice walking path right across the street from Target.
Jami – 
On one of our hikes to the downtown library for story time, we stopped in the ice cream parlor where Harper tried ice cream for the first time and loved it.


Why would you recommend joining the HiB30 Challenge to a family who may be considering joining the next one?

HiB30 Challenge Winners (5) - Jan 2016Chantaé – It’s a great tool for personal accountability. There are always so many excuses not to go outside and the HiB30 Challenge is an excuse TO get outside!
– I’d recommend it because it’s a great reminder to get outside, and the Facebook group is so inspiring. I love seeing all the pictures from the snowy places, because it’s pretty mild here!
Jami – 
It’s a win-win in so many ways. You get out of the house during the dreary winter months, you both get a good dose of sorely needed vitamin D, it’s a good activity shift from playing with toys inside all day, there’s fresh air for both of you, you can spend time with other moms or nature, it helps with cabin fever and ppd, and you burn postpartum calories.


Describe this Challenge in 3 words – Go!

Chantaé – Toddler-led exploring
– Very, very fun.
Jami –
Get outside everyday.


Are you inspired? We are! Join us in the next HiB30 Challenge and you will be entered to win more amazing prizes just by registering! Not only that, you get to experience the fun of being included in the motivating HiB30 community and getting your family outside!


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