Hike it Baby is so excited for the winners of the HiB30 Challenge Prize Drawing! Our friends at My Outdoor Alphabet, Petzl, Altra, Tifosi Hagen, and Sun Protection Zone have generously donated prizes and we can’t thank them enough! These lucky winners were picked from a random drawing of everyone who participated in the January 2016 HiB30 Challenge. Here is what they have to say about their experience with this Challenge!

HiB30 Challenge Winners (5) - Jan 2016

Prize: My Outdoor Alphabet Poster
One lucky winner won a poster from My Outdoor Alphabet!

Prize: My Outdoor Alphabet T-shirt/Onesie
One lucky winner won a T-shirt or Onesie from My Outdoor Alphabet!

Prize: Petzl Tikkina Headlamp
Elizabeth Wilkinson hiked with Jack (2.5) and Vivienne (7 months) and achieved 38 miles.

Prize: Altra Running Shoes
Kimberly Garrett
 hiked with Beau 26 months and Finn, 1 month.

Prize: Tifosi Hagen Sunglasses
One lucky winner won a pair of sunglasses from Tifosi Hagen!

Prize: Sun Protection Zone hat
Sarah Dudley
 hiked with Giovanni and achieved 13 miles.

Did you notice a change in your family’s attitude about getting outdoors by the end of this winter Challenge?

Elizabeth – Yes. By the end of the month, my kids were begging to go outside, even if it was freezing out. Rain, snow, wind, sun, they wanted to be outside.
– This was our first winter challenge here in Bend. We felt much more confident about being outside with both kiddos.
Jennifer – 
Every decently warm day I couldn’t wait to get out with my newborn!

What was your favorite moment of this month’s Challenge?

Elizabeth – My son is very much in love with the movie Frozen and constantly sings the songs. All winter I hear every morning “Do you want to build a snow man?” Finally, mid-January, the weather was warm enough to play outside but there was snow on the ground. After our walk, we built a snow man, and he giggled the entire time we were building it.
– Watching my 2 year old learn to ski. He really impressed me!
Jennifer – 
The warmer weather helped a lot.

Why would you recommend joining the HiB30 Challenge to a family who may be considering joining the next one?

Elizabeth – It’s a great motivator to get out of the house. I’m such a competitive person, all I need is a challenge or a goal, and I will make time to make it happen! It’s also a great way to meet a lot of wonderful families. It might just be my perspective, but it sure seems that hikes are fuller during the challenge months!
– It’s a great motivator to go outside!
Jennifer – 
The ladies are very accommodating and motivating!!!

Describe this Challenge in 3 words – Go!

Elizabeth – Brisk family adventures.
Kimberly – So much snow!
Jennifer – Challenging, exciting, different.

Photo Credit: Ashley Scheider Hike it Baby

Are you inspired? We are! Join us in the next HiB30 Challenge and you will be entered to win more amazing prizes just by registering! Not only that, you get to experience the fun of being included in the motivating HiB30 community and getting your family outside!


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