HiB30 Challenge Winners - Deuter - Jan 2016

Hike it Baby is so excited for the winners of the HiB30 Challenge Prize Drawing! Our incredible Title Sponsors at Deuter have generously donated prizes and we can’t thank them enough! Alicia Flynn is the lucky winner picked from a random drawing of everyone who participated in the January 2016 HiB30 Challenge. Here is what she has to say about her experience with this Challenge!

Prize:  Deuter pack of choice 
Alicia Flynn hiked with Roxana, 5 months and achieved 60 miles (60.4), didnt properly track time. A lot!

Did you notice a change in your family’s attitude about getting outdoors by the end of this winter Challenge?

Alicia – This was definitely my experience with my first Challenge, in October. Roxy was 5 weeks old and the Challenge really helped us both get moving. By this Challenge we had our groove a bit and it just felt good to get out there!

What was your favorite moment of this month’s Challenge?

Alicia – No single moment, or a lot of single moments. With a 5 month old there are frequently ‘melt down mornings ‘ when leaving the house just doesn’t feel possible. When we push through there is often fussing and even heartbreaking crying, in the car, getting geared up, … But then there is this moment, usually within our first 5 minutes on the trail (but not always!), Roxy takes this huge sighing breath and all the stress leaves her body. That’s the moment when I know we are doing this crazy thing right.

Why would you recommend joining the HiB30 Challenge to a family who may be considering joining the next one?

Alicia – Join the Challenge because you’ll be amazed how far you really went. It’s really fun to look back at that list at the end of the month and remember all the places you were. More though, join HIB hikes, actively, vocally, and in advance, because it’ll get you out the door.

Describe this Challenge in 3 words – Go!

Alicia – Snowshoeing with babies!

Are you inspired? We are! Join us in the next HiB30 Challenge and you will be entered to win more amazing prizes just by registering! Not only that, you get to experience the fun of being included in the motivating HiB30 community and getting your family outside!


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