HiB30 Winner Profile- Andrea Gardner (1)

Meet Andrea! She competed in the HiB30 Challenge this June and won packing cubes from our sponsors at Eagle Creek. She and Calvin (14 months) hiked around 60 miles with the HiB Anchorage group!

Was this your first Challenge? If yes, how did it motivate you to get outdoors? If this was not your first Challenge, how was it different from your previous experience?

This was not my first challenge, I’ve participated in all of the challenges so far (I think). This was different because summer in Alaska is far easier to get out in than winter, though now I have a kiddo who is on the move, so we actually covered less distance than I anticipated. He is a super speedy crawler and climber and I think it is going to be fun in the future when he starts walking and can start clocking his own miles.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced during this Challenge and how did you overcome it?

I hurt my back pretty badly in February and have been in hardcore rehab mode ever since. I have been unable to wear my son in the carrier for any significant distance/time since February so all of my miles had to be done in the stroller, which is a bummer in Alaska because all of the best hikes are not stroller friendly. No worries though, I just feel super grateful to be able to get out with my son and continue healing and staying active.

Where was your favorite hike this month? Why is it your favorite?

I love my weekly Coffee Walks! We look forward to a great turnout and great conversation every Friday morning.

How easy or hard was it to get out and accomplish the miles you achieved? Any advice for families who think they could never do 30 miles in 30 days?

It doesn’t have to be miles, it doesn’t have to be up a mountain, it doesn’t have to be hours, just getting outside, even if just for a few minutes and a stroll around the block, will make your day (and your kiddo’s day) better!

If you could describe your HiB30 Challenge this June in 3 words what would they be?

“Everything’s better outside!”

Great words, Andrea! Way to keep an awesome positive attitude in the midst of some significant challenges!

Thanks so much to our partners at  Eagle Creek for the packing cubes! Remember, all you have to do is register for the next HiB30 Challenge to be entered to win prizes like this!

HiB30 Winner Profile- Andrea Gardner (2)


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