HiB30 Winner Profile - Marrett McLeod (1)Meet ­­­­Marrett! She competed in the HiB30 Challenge this June and won a rainsuit from our sponsor Oakiwear.  She and Harper, 16 months, hiked 30 miles!

Was this your first Challenge? If yes, how did it motivate you to get outdoors? If this was not your first Challenge, how was it different from your previous experience? 
This was our first challenge! We love to hike, so it was great to have another excuse to escape the city and head to the mountains. It also kept us moving during the week, which is something we haven’t been too great at in the past.

What was the biggest obstacle you faced during this Challenge and how did you overcome it?
I am now 28 weeks pregnant, and though I’ve always the one in our family to wear our daughter in either our hiking pack or in a carrier, I had to make the trade-off halfway through the month and have my husband carry her. It was hard for me to admit to myself that I needed to stop carrying her, but once I did, I was shocked at how much easier hiking became! She’s completely content with Dad, so it was my own internal issue all along!

Where was your favorite hike this month? Why is it your favorite?
We really love the Forsythe Canyon trail. It’s cool, shaded, and you get to see beautiful waterfalls, and the very edge of Gross Reservoir.

How easy or hard was it to get out and accomplish the miles you achieved? Any advice for families who think they could never do 30 miles in 30 days?
It wasn’t too hard for us to make the 30 mile mark — we did have to commit to a couple of weekday walks after work (we both work full-time) in order to reach the goal, but it really adds up quickly! We shot for 5-10 miles per weekend, and only fell short of that goal because we had some family functions we had to attend. My advice for other families would be to start with small, manageable goals per day or week/weekend. Don’t look at the 30 mile goal, just break it down, and tackle it one day at a time.

If you could describe your HiB30 Challenge this June in 3 words what would they be and why?
So much fun! Any chance we get to be outside, in the mountains, we take. There is no better place to just “be” and bond with each other. We are glad we decided to join the challenge!

Do you already have big plans for the prize that you won? Tell us how excited you are about your win!
We won the Oakiwear Rainsuit! While we are currently enjoying our daughter being small and riding along, we are looking forward to being able to hike with her walking along with us. The Rainsuit means absolutely no excuse for not going outside, and no excuse for her to not enjoy nature regardless of the season or the weather!

Don’t forget, to be entered to win awesome prizes like our partners at Oakiwear. all you have to do is register for the next HiB30 Challenge!

HiB30 Winner Profile - Marrett McLeod (2)


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