Hike it Baby 30 is on 66November is here and we are entering into another fun month of hiking hard! This time around Hike it Baby 30 is all about 30 miles in 30 days or 30 minutes 3 times a week. You decide what works best for your family as we enter into cold dark months.

Worried you aren’t going to get your miles and time in? This is a common thing we hear from people who are on the fence about doing it but last year Vancouver, WA branch lead Anka Trifan was working FULL TIME and she managed to not only get her miles in but crush it with hiking all of the 30 miles of the Wildwood trail in Portland, OR. Here’s what she said about her strategy:

Last November we joined Hike It Baby’s first ‪#‎HikeItBaby30‬ challenge which got me and Apollo out of our comfort zone hiking through downpour, hail and snow the 30 miles of Wildwood Trail, in 4 weekends and in 12 sections which ended up totaling to about 80 miles of actual trail hiked that month. Never before did I think I’d be capable of hiking 8-12 miles in the rain or freezing temperatures with a toddler strapped to my body! I was literally afraid of the rain and I was carrying 5 umbrellas in my car. It was challenging and epic. But having a support and accountability system in place is what got me and many others out of the house on those weekends – after a long and tiring work week – away from the warmth inside which was so much more inviting than the cold Hike it Baby 30 is on 66outside. And in the process I built many new friendships during a hard transition in our life and most importantly confidence in myself and my ability to sustain myself and my son through any kind of weather and situation. This is why the people that have a hard time getting outside need a community of people around them that share this immeasurable love of the outdoors!
It does rub on you overtime, it’s a promise!

I love what Anka wrote here and I think it really helps share the spirit of what Hike it Baby and these Challenges are all about. They are for you! They are for your family. They are an easy way for you to find motivation, support, friendship and a reason to step out that door on a bad day.
Last November in the last week of the Hike it Baby 30 I realized I had set a goal of hiking all of the 30 miles of the Wildwood trail and I had a week to go and was still 8 miles down from finishing. I am not good at finishing things, but I really wanted to finish this! So I got on the phone and Facebook with people who I knew who would push me to my goal. In just a few days I hiked in downpouring rain, the rest of my miles. It was a bit grueling and I can remember one hike in particular with Kaleigh and Jessica where we were literally all counting every single step until the end. At the end of that final weekend of the Challenge I had done it! I completed every bit of the Wildwood trail and I was so so so so proud of myself. Mason had muscled through with me. I carried him 54 miles that month. I am still so proud of that first Challenge and I know I never would have done it without motivation from friends like Anka, Beth, Jessica, Kaleigh, Megan, Jessi and all of the rest of you in the Hike it Baby 30 Challenge. I feed off of your posts, your energy, your victories and it pushes me to go farther.


Now not all Challenges go as planned. That’s one thing to remember. Last one sucked for me. I pulled off 30 miles but most of them were on pavement. And that’s a little disappointing for me, however, I also am learning that it’s ok because wait a month and then another Challenge pops up. This November I am shooting for 30 miles on trail. Mason is a lot bigger than last year and I am going to be in Anchorage and Portland for the month so we will see where we get. One thing I have learned about all of these Challenges is to set a goal and go for it, but to not be discouraged about the outcome. I just keep pushing on, logging miles and see where I end up at the end of the month.

Remember Hike it Baby is all about the journey and the community, not necessarily the destination. No matter how competitive you are or aren’t, this is the opportunity to really just enjoy the outdoors because no matter what the outcome the Challenge helped you get out more than you would have without the Challenge. That’s the awesome part. And thanks to all of our amazing prize partners, you have the opportunity to win something whether you hike 1 mile or 50. All you need to do is take that first step and register! It’s a sliding scale of $2-50 and we set it this way to make sure it is accessible for all (If you need a scholarship please reach out to us as we have these available too!)

Get your friends and family from all over in on it too! Last Hike it Baby 30 my mom entered herself and her dog Charlie as her baby. Remember we are a no judgement group and all are welcome, so if your baby is a four-legged furry friend, you are welcome to join in!

Thank you all for your participation! And a big shout out to Deuter, KEEN, Onya Baby, Stonz booties and all of the other sponsors who have started to commit to us for 2016 to keep these Challenges going in the new year! Check out all of the prize partners and the awesome things here.

Shanti Hodges is the founder of Hike it Baby. She’s super excited about this Challenge because it has been one year since the first one last November! If you want to reach out to her and share your Hike it Baby 30 with everyone you can email your story to her at shanti@hikeitbaby.com.

Want to make a cool little Hike it Baby square for your Facebook like this one? Find directions here.


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