Hike it Baby 30 January Winners! (1)

The January Hike it Baby 30 Challenge is DONE and the prize winners are being announced right here today! The next Challenge begins March 1, 2015. We will announce the registration for the next Challenge on February 21, 2015. Some of the upcoming Challenge prizes are Oakiwear outerwear for kids and Onya Baby carrier! Get your walking and hiking legs ready this month.

March’s Challenge will be more of a personal Challenge. You can choose EITHER 30 miles in 30 days or 30 minutes 3 times a week. Up to you. We also want everyone to think of one personal Challenge you are going to announce to the group at the beginning of the month. Examples would be:

–Hike 4 new trails my family has never done
–Sign up for a 5k or 10k and start training
–Get my family to walk together at least one time a week
–Spend one alone day a week walk/hiking with my LO with no phone or distractions from nature! (leave phone in car? WHAT?)
–Ditch the stroller and carry or toddler only for every hike or walk in the month
–Come up with one creative toddler/kiddo walk a week close to home that I have never thought of
–Complete at least one errand a week walking instead of driving

Start thinking about your Challenge ideas and share here what kind of ideas you are thinking about to give others Challenge ideas?

Here are some of the awesome things people said about their Challenge experience in case you missed these posts on Facebook:

Hike it Baby 30 January Winners! (1)“I want to thank the HIB30 group for this challenge this month. I feel like being outside for 30 minutes a day has fundamentally changed my relationship walking with my toddler. We have a 1.5 mile trek to the bus stop to school and back again. Every day used to feel like a battle to get from place to place- me carrying her, her resisting being carried, her walking slowly, the wrong way. Me being late for work or late coming home to get dinner started. With HIB30, I just decided to budget in an extra 30 minutes in the morning to get to school, and the whole experience has changed. Getting to school is about exploring. We walk through the park blocks. We splash in puddles. We climb the benches. Even though we need to leave the house at 6:45 and the trip takes 5 times longer, it is now time spent together enjoying the sunrise rather than a commute.” – Carolyn

Hike it Baby 30 January Winners! (2)“My family loved this challenge! We were outside for 3,141minutes and 88 miles. My biggest challenge was logging my time.. My goodness I am a horrible procrastinator. It helped Gwen become a stronger walker and for me this challenge helped keep away the pregnancy and winter blahs. Looking forward to the next challenge! ” -Sarah Rose

“We had a great time at the ‪#‎HIBAustin‬ challenge wrap-up party and my kids enjoyed their first playground swing, thanks to this idea we saw on this group.
I’m already going into challenge withdrawal.” – KellyHike it Baby 30 January Winners! (3)

Hike it Baby 30 January Winners! (4)“I was worried we wouldn’t finish the challenge, I input all of W’s time outside and he’s done a total of 537 minutes!! I know that’s not a lot compared to some BUT for us living in Northeast Ohio, in subzero temps & lake effect snow storms (just plain dreary weather). I’m proud of us, proud of W. and so thankful to have had HIB for constant support to get outdoors this last month. Thanks for everything! ” –Corie




Roadrunner Outfit Brooke Pittman Augusta, Georgia
Hike it Baby Onesie 1 Rebecca Binford Portland, OR
Hike it Baby onesie 2 Christina Cowgil Portland, OR
Hike it baby onesie 3 Jamiee Davis Portland, OR
Hike it baby onesie 4 Jen Christy Ann Arbor, MI
Hike it baby onesie 5 Melissa Bache Anaconda, MT
5 Hike it Baby Keychains Corie Reeves Cleveland, OH
Hike it baby keychain 2 Carolyn McCaffrey Portland
Hike it Baby Keychain 3 Sarah Lyn Luebke Anaconda, MT
Hike it Baby Keychain 4 Carolyn Pierce Portland, OR
Hike it Baby Keychain 5 Hannah Dahl Portland, OR
Mamalates DVD 1 Myah Kehoe Portland, OR
Mamalates DVD 2 Jordan Pyatt Jber, AK
Mamalates DVD 3 Leah Bazzano Portland, OR
PoppiezLove Blanket Jamie Bourcier Vancouver, WA
Oakiwear Rain Boots Sarah Hurkett Eagle River, AK
babyclava 1 Amy Statler Camas, WA
babyclava 2 Wednesday Hobson Santa Clarita, CA
babyclava 3 Passion Polanco Concord, CA
babyclava 4 Heidi Schroeder Portland, OR
babyclava 5 Kaleigh Donchek Portland, OR
Discrete Banger Beanie Sarah Constantine Augustu Georgia
Discrete Boyanator Beanie Jeri Collins Anchorage, AK
New Metro Design Pocke2 Bottle 1 Susanna Billard Portland, OR
New Metro Design Pocket Bottle 2 Johanna Sommesei Nashville, TN
3 New Metro Design Pocket Bottles Kerry Lijek
Columbia Platinum 860 TurboDown Hooded Jacket for Mom and Dad Jenny Hanold Ann Arbor, MI

Complete the 30 minutes/3xs a week and you are entered for these:
Garmin Vivofit Activity Tracker Gretchen Hayman Portland, OR
Stonz shoe and glove Bundle Lisa Sosebee Portland, OR
Dakine Women’s Heli Pro Pack Lisa Fiegel Anchorage, AK
Onya Baby Outback Carrier Kesley Cluff Eugene, OR
Oakiwear Snowsuit Carolyn Pierce Portland, OR
SmartWool NTS 250 Reversible Beanie Alissa Alexander-Cattone Portland, OR
Skida Nordic Hat Janet Vaudt Golden, CO
Skida Alpine Hat Jenna Gereenan Vancouver, WA
Skullcandy Dime Headphones Morgan Zavala Eugene, OR
Byer of Maine Traveller Double Hammock Megan Caldwell Portland, OR
180s Foundation LED Gloves (his and hers) Jacqueline Semmens Helena, MT
hike it baby water bottle 1 Breanne Delong Portland, OR
hike it baby water bottle 2 Beth Caffelli
hike it baby water bottle 3 Nicole Hammond Detroit, MI

Oakiwear Rain Jacket Sarah Petit-McLure Austin, TX
Happy Camel socks for mom and dad Lisa Sosebee Portland, OR

Congratulations winners! We will be contacting you via email to tell you how to collect your prize! Here are links to all of the awesome prizes!


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