Hike it Baby and KEEN Encourage Families to get out on the Trails

Nearly 1,000 families hiked thousands of miles thanks to Hike it Baby and KEEN during the Hike it Baby 30 Challenge

Portland, OR (October 5, 2015) Hike it Baby, a national organization dedicated to getting families out on the trails, kicked off their fifth Hike it Baby 30 challenge on September 1, 2015 with help from KEEN, the creator of hybrid and innovative footwear, bags, and apparel for outdoor enthusiasts. Families from over 150 cities in North America aimed to hike 30 miles in 30 days for the month of September. By September 30, over 900 families hiked just shy of 30,000 miles.

SEPTEMBER HIB30 CHALLENGE WINNERS (1)Hike it Baby 30 Challenges happen 5 times per year and participants can live anywhere in the world (no need to be in a Hike it Baby city). Simply by paying a small fee on the Hike it Baby official website, every family is automatically entered into drawings for prizes from well-known outdoor outfitters such as KEEN, Hike it Baby’s official title sponsor for the September Hike it Baby 30 Challenge; Garmin; and Onya Baby. The Hike it Baby website also provides a Hike Log for registered families to keep track of their miles and a “badge of honor” in the form of a Hike it Baby 30 sticker.

“We started the Challenges last fall in November to help people get out in those tough-to-get-outside months where we all find excuses to not enjoy nature — and it worked!” says Hike it Baby Founder, and first time mom, Shanti Hodges. “This month, we crushed our goal of 20,000 miles. In fact, we reached 20,000 by the third week! It was amazing to watch all of the families get out there.” And she does! A private Facebook group is formed for participating families across the nation to support one another and to share successes and challenges through status updates and photos. This month, participants were encouraged to label photos of their families wearing KEEN products out on the trails with “#KEEN” to show their support for the company.

“We have LOVED working with Hike it Baby and sponsoring the September HiB 30 Challenge!” says Erin Simons, Business Unit Director, Kids. “Our KEEN brand values align closely with Hike it Baby’s core mission of getting young families outside and engaging with nature and each other. The national reach to our core demographic and the high engagement from the HiB [Hike it Baby] community has made this a rewarding experience, both professionally and personally.”

Jessica Carrillo Alatorre, a mother from Portland, Oregon, and Hike it Baby Operations Manager, believes challenges are more than just about getting on the trails and winning prizes. “What struck me this month was the way people were changing their daily habits to get more miles in, like committing to taking multiple walks per day, walking instead of driving to do errands, and taking solo time to recharge. Challenges are a great way to stay motivated!”

Over 430 families logged over 14,000 miles in the June Hike it Baby Challenge. In September, participation and miles doubled. The next Hike it Baby 30 Challenge will begin on November 1, 2015.

Hike ikeent Baby hosts free hikes throughout the US, Canada, Italy, and Australia and is run entirely by volunteers. The goal of Hike it Baby is to help families minimize the effects of postpartum depression in new mothers (and fathers), create a network of like-minded individuals, encourage families to discover new parts of their cities and county, and teach children an appreciation for nature from the newborn stage on. The organization was founded in Portland, Oregon, in 2013 by Shanti Hodges. Currently, there are more 57,000 members in 156 branches around the world. For more information on Hike it Baby, please visit www.hikeitbaby.com. Or email info@hikeitbaby.com

Contact: Shanti Hodges
Phone: (503) 866-7119
Email: press@hikeitbaby.com


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