HIBLogoGirl_wordsCombo-300x300You will have highs. And lows. However, they may not be from a workout session. It is the roller coaster ride that accompanies the gift of having a newborn.

I started craving the “high” and had no idea how to do it when my life revolved around 2 hour feeding/diapering/rocking to sleep sessions. The low became a norm. I knew I had to climb up. Yoga seemed out of the question. Running a 5K, sure, right. Then I realized I could do something so basic yet rewarding – put one foot in front of the other and make those steps lead me to a new “high”.

Are you struggling with figuring out how to start back into that workout routine and think it may never happen? I had to take baby steps to get there. Eventually the challenges become bigger and the high is more euphoric. The progression can seem slow but when you look back at what you accomplished while raising a tiny human it is miraculous!

Step 1:  Take a walk. My first “hike” with my 3 week old was down the driveway to check the mail.

Step 2:  Next time increase the length of the walk. Go around the block or down the street. Breathe fresh air.

Step 3:  Now you could incorporate a “chore”. Walk the garbage out. Stop in a shop and purchase 1 item.  The accomplishment of buying a stamp and mailing a letter felt huge to me at that time.

Step 4: The night before, pack a bag. Have essentials in it and have it ready to go. Now when you are ready you can grab the bag, go for a drive and walk in a new location. Breathe even more fresh air.

Step 5:  You’ve got this! Now that you’ve practiced a few times and know what you and baby need while out of the house for a couple of hours you can join a slow-paced walk and feel confident. Get some adult interaction time and breathe the fresh air and absorb the companionship of other parents.

Step 6:  Lead a hike! Now that you have  a few walks under your belt, inspire and motivate others! The high you feel when you realize that because you made a simple choice to submit a hike to the calendar and just one other family was encouraged to get out and  breathe fresh air with you is so worth it!

Step 7:  You are a pro. You can do this. Go on a hike! Get that heart pumping and reach a summit.

Step 8:  Evolve. Your baby is growing. The things that you can accomplish now feel limitless. Follow the evolution and create your own routine for capturing those highs. Summit a mountain. Start a new project. Make new friends. Breathe the air and know that the lows are going to happen but be fewer and farther between those highs.

You may spend weeks doing step 1. Then rush through 2 and 3 and struggle with 4. Stop and relish the highs that come with reaching a goal and know that by stepping out of your comfort zone and into the fresh air that you are creating a happy, healthy, safe and loved child. Enjoy that high. Hike with us!

Christel SJ 20 mosChristel Peters is a Branch Lead for Hike it Baby Spearfish in South Dakota.   She is also the Mama to Sebastian. When she isn’t chasing her adventurous toddler on the trails she is one of the Blog Editors for Hike it Baby. Do you have a story that should appear on our blog? Let us know!! email submissions to : editor@hikeitbaby.com

2 thoughts on “Hike it Baby High – 8 Steps to Help You Hike After Baby.

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    This reminds me of my first hike after my second. We went to the front step to watch big brother play in the yard. It took half an hour to get there!

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    This reminds me of my first hike after my second. We went to the front step to watch big brother play in the yard. It took half an hour to get there!


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