Hike it Baby Hike On! Winner Profile - LynnOn July 25th Lynn and Ben (9 months) joined in on the fun and hiked for the Hike it Baby Hike On! event. Just by registering their hike they were entered to win and won a prize from our awesome prize partners at Oakiwear!

What hike did you conquer on Saturday, July 25th? What was your favorite part of hiking that trail?
We hiked on a portion of the Clinton River Trail while visiting my niece at college since she’s there over the summer!  I liked the trail because it was well-maintained but still felt like you were in the woods and not the middle of a city. It was nice to walk with the baby!

Did you have any obstacles to overcome to get out or while on your hike that day?
It was really hot that day, so we weren’t sure if we were going to do the hike or not!  We finally decided to do a quick hike near where we at that day, since we had signed up to do one!!  It was still really hot, but we were in the shade most of the time, so it didn’t really seem too bad.

Why do you think hiking is a positive influence in our children’s lives?
I think hiking is important and a positive influence for our kids because it gets them outside, instead of being tucked in with electronics all day long.  It also teaches them respect for nature and keeps them healthy while doing something fun!

What is your advice for anyone who is contemplating hiking with their little ones for the first time?
Hiking with kids can be hard, especially if you are in an area where you don’t want them wandering off.  I would recommend teaching good hiking habits at a young age, and doing whatever is necessary for both parents AND kids to be comfortable with the hike, whether thats something as simple as wearing the right shoes, to finding a carrier thats comfortable for mom or dad to carry babies and kids part of the time.

Are you excited about the prize you won? Tell us about what you plan to do with it!
I am excited!  I won an Oakiwear suit, and while my little one is still very little, I’m excited for him to be able to use it when he’s older and can enjoy it!  Hopefully he’ll be a nature lover and beg to use it all the time!!

Hike it Baby Hike On! Winner Profile - Lynn


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