Hike it Baby in the NewsWhat a fun month of hiking it has been. The Hike it Baby 30 is coming to a close and we got close to 7000 miles with those tracking miles (some were tracking minutes). We have had heaps of hikes in the calendar and lots of new toddler-led and kid-led hikes have been showing up in the calendar. In the last month we went from 2500 hikes to 3300 in the calendar! You are all getting out there like crazy! And apparently people are beginning to notice!

So this last month has been media month and we were all over the news! From awesome blogs like Adventurous Moms to Carrotbowl we had super cool pieces written about the latest Hike it Baby adventures. We were in papers from the Salem Statesman to the Spokesman in Spokane, WA and on local city blogs like Ann Arbor Family. Our Hike it Baby Vancouver leads were featured in a fun online piece here.

Hike it Baby in the NewsUrban Mamas did a great podcast on us that you can hear here. And in late February we had a fun piece on a Southern Oregon NPR station.

Or watch us in Rapid City, South Dakota with Branch Lead Christel Peters, or with Hike it Baby Tacoma branch lead Wesley Molloy and her little one Delaney took the Tacoma Herald Tribune on trail and showed them what our little walks are all about. Lots of muddy, puddle playing and sleepy babies on trail helps show the newspaper how wonderful a morning out with Hike it Baby can be for the whole family.

If you don’t have a Hike it Baby branch in your city it might be time to get one going. Anyone can do it! Just sign up here to get things started!


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