Meet Mekayla Beaver! She and Morgan (4 months) participated in Hike It Baby’s July 25 Hike On! event alongside nearly 1400 other families around the world, and won a Thule Sapling Elite Carrier  from our sponsor!

Hike On! Winners Circle - Mekayla Beaver (1)What hike did you conquer on Saturday, July 25th? What was your favorite part of hiking that trail? We hiked Bear Trail. It turned out to be too hot for us to make it far enough along the trail to get to the shady sections but we still got great views and got to navigate a dog vs. rabbit standoff. 😉

Did you have any obstacles to overcome to get out or while on your hike that day?  Our basement flooded last week and my in-laws are in town so it was a mad dash to get some time on the trail before the hardware store shopping crew returned and put us all to work.

Why do you think hiking is a positive influence in our children’s lives? It always makes me breathe more deeply and more slowly, and smile more broadly. If I’m happy, my daughter is happier. I also believe that there is so much we can learn from watching and listening to the natural world. It’s definitely a top lifetime skill.

What is your advice for anyone who is contemplating hiking with their little ones for the first time? Try a walk around the neighborhood first. Find a group or bring along some friends to help. Look for a cooler day or a fair bit of shade. Remember, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey – even a 10-minute walk to a picnic spot is a great start!! Have fun!

Are you excited about the prize you won? Tell us about what you plan to do with it! Wowee!! So excited! She’s not old enough to be on our backs yet but the Rocky Mountains are our playground and this will make it so much easier to get out and explore them (and let dad carry her occasionally without becoming so sweaty that he causes the colors in the baby’s clothing to bleed all over her!)

Hike On! Winners Circle - Mekayla Beaver (2)


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