Hiking from a Little One's Perspective (1)Often when we head out for our adventures we focus on our own experience and don’t think about what our little one is seeing right? Well chances are they are snuggled down in their carrier sleeping and not seeing much since so many trails lull baby to sleep, but if your baby is alert, put that phone/camera away and try to look at the trail through your little person’s eyes. What is he or she doing. What is little one looking at? Does he/she see the birds flying over and the sunshine beams streaming through the trees?

I remember being out in the woods with Mason one day and he kept pointing up and making all of these noises. I was busy doing whatever, but suddenly I stopped because he really was making a lot of noise. I looked up and there were a bunch of birds chasing a hawk in this awesome dance of chaos. Mason kept saying “arrrggghhhh” and pointing and throwing his arms around. He was in awe of what he was watching and as I looked at that moment through his eyes, I also was stopped with the beauty of their struggle as they darted up and down through the sky.

So here’s today’s adventures of Hunter S. Drew from Santa Cruz – Stand tall like the redwoods

Hiking from a Little One's Perspective (2)Today my mom and dad took me to get my two month old vaccinations with Dr. Shirmer. Since I did such a great job they took me on a long hike in The Land of The Medicine Buddha.

It was a wonderful 6 mile, three-hour loop through beautiful redwood tree Cathedral Grove and dense Oak tree forest. I even saw my first albino redwood! There were lots of prayer flags from the monks that live here! And a little bit of poison oak:) Watch your step!!

The trail ended with lots of prayer wheels that we got to spin and a huge gong I got to drum!
I can’t wait to come back here to the mystic Land of the Medicine Buddha!
Love, Hunter



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