We all know that getting out with babies and toddlers is hard, but it is especially challenging for parents with many young children. Hike it Baby St. Louis member, Lauren, shares the benefits her family has experienced by taking their 3 kids under 3 years old out hiking.


My name is Lauren and my husband’s name is Sean we have three wonderful boys – Liam is 2.5, Finn is 1, and Kian 11 weeks old. I am part of Hike It Baby St. Louis.

I started hiking back in my high school years with my husband. We would get out of school and go to Castlewood State Park and hike. We just thought it was so relaxing after a stressful day to just sit on a rock bluff and look out into the river bend. No hustle and bustle of cars, just the calming sounds of Mother Nature. We have always found that hiking helped relieve the stresses of day-to-day life.

Things can get crazy when you have little ones running around, and having three kids under two-and-a-half years old can be challenging and overwhelming at times. For a while we slowed way down with hiking, but we found that taking them out on the trails helps them relax just as much as it helps us relax. And now we go hiking or at least spend extra time outside every weekend.

Recently we purchased an all-Terrain stroller and an extra baby carrier. We usually baby-wear our sons Kian and Liam. Even though Liam is our oldest he really enjoys being back carried. We also bring a bunch of snacks and water. We do diapers changes and I even nurse while on the trails.

We have learned if you can make it out the door, it is always easier. The hard part is talking yourself into getting everyone fed, changed, dressed, and in the car, but once we are out it’s always worth it. We are planning family vacations for the future to go camping and hiking so our boys can learn to love the earth and be one with nature.

This will be my first Hike it Baby 30 Challenge. My Goal for this month is not to just hike the 30 miles but to discover new trails. I feel limited at times with three kids under 2.5 and really needing a stroller. I’m hoping the weather cools down so I can wear two of them. I can’t wait to get out and explore some new trails!

“It is in the still silence of nature one will find true bliss.” – J. J. C.


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