First hike postpartum

Our little one has been hiking with me since she was four weeks old. I was anxious to explore some trails, so, just one month after having her, I wrapped her up and headed out to hike with a local group of Mamas. I really wasn’t sure what to expect. She could hate being in the wrap (I had never had her in one), she could poop through her clothes (which she does daily), or spit up enough to soak me and her (she does this daily also). There also was the chance that I wouldn’t be able to figure out how to put the wrap on. I hadn’t used it yet and some wraps can be hard to figure out. So I was a little nervous, but we went out anyway. It turned out to be a gorgeous hike and she slept most of the time.

Always bring a change of clothes

One month after her first hike we headed down to Moab with some friends. Up until that point we had hiked a few times with no problems at all. I’d wrap her up and off we’d go! On the second day in Moab we decided to hike to Delicate Arch. We pulled up and unloaded the older kids. But when we went to unload the little one, we realized she had pooped in her diaper…and all over her clothes….and all over the car seat. She was a hot mess. And guess who didn’t pack an extra outfit for her? That’s right, I forgot to pack one. Apparently, I forgot how often newborns have diaper blowouts.

Improvising with the gear you have

So there we were, about to head out to hike for three miles and we had no clothes for the baby. Also, it was chilly. Moab temperatures in December can be cold. The wrap can be challenging to wear but on this hike I was very appreciative of its cozy design. If we were putting her in anything else it just wouldn’t have worked.  But we were able to put on a clean diaper and nestle her cute little naked self in right next to me. I grabbed a blanket from the car and tucked it into the wrap, and off we went. She must have been quite comfy because she slept through most of the hike.

Life is an adventure, bring your kids

I read something in a magazine once years ago that has always stuck with me. It was an article discussing the busy life of celebrities, and how kids can affect them. The article mentioned that life shouldn’t stop when you have kids. Your adventures don’t stop, you just take them along with you.  Hiking with five kids is an adventure in itself, regardless of where you are going. You really never know how its going to go. There is always hungry bellies, tired legs and any other wild cards that come with five kids. Even when you are prepared for everything, something you least expect could arise. But we love the way our kids skip down the trail. Any challenge that might arise is worth just being out there.  We just roll with it and take it one trail at a time.


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