Looking for gifts guaranteed to get your family outdoors doing what you love? In our annual holiday gift guide, we’ve gathered great ideas for all your favorite adventurers. Wrap up these hand-picked items and enjoy a year of outdoor adventures together!

Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Family


Be Comfortable

These three gifts will keep you warm, dry and comfortable on all your outdoor adventures.

Gift Guide 2017 for Hike it Baby


1. Boody Eco Wear

Give yourself (or another adult family member) a bit of love this season with some super soft base layers. You can pick up everything you need for hiking this season with a set of their Classic Bikini Underwear, Tank Top, Full Sleeve Top and Full Leggings. Bonus – feel great about this purchase since Boody uses viscose bamboo, which is made from the fastest growing, regenerating plant on the planet and packaged in recyclable paper that is printed with vegetable-based inks.

Photo: Jessica Featherstone


2. Luv Mother Wool

So often wool is thought of as being just a base layer for kids, but if you are looking for something that can go from the trail to the classroom – with fashionable and functional designs – be sure to check out Luv Mother. Luv Mother has great styles that keep little ones warm no matter where they are, is made from 100% superfine merino wool, and is a company that thinks about their environmental impact in everything they do. Check our post on wool layers for more on why we love Luv Mother.

Photo: Kim Ives


3. Oaki Rain Suit

We aren’t sure if a rain suit is a gift for you or for your child – but either way, an Oaki rain suit makes a great holiday gift. The rain suit is an awesome way for little ones to get outside, stay dry and keep warm on chillier days. This is a gift that will keep giving all year! We suggest buying up a size and cinching it down so your little one can wear it longer.

Photo Courtesy of Oaki


Be Playful

Here are our five favorite gifts for playing outdoors.

Gift Guide 2017 for Hike it Baby


1. WOOM Bikes

A bike is a quintessential holiday gift and it’s no surprise – nothing says freedom like going for a bike ride! When can you get your little one started on a bike? With the help of WOOM, kids as young as 18 months can get started on a balance bike (check out a review of the WOOM 1). WOOM makes it easy for little kids to start sooner as they designed their bikes with young kids in mind: lower step through, lightweight frame (7.5 lbs), steering limiter and it is ergonomically designed for safe balance. If your child has mastered the balance bike, then check out the WOOM 2! This is the next step up and perfect for learning how to pedal.

Photo: Ashley Scheider



Looking for that little perfect gift? The HEROCLIP is a carabiner with a twist. The carabiner holds up to 50 lbs and the rubberized hook allows you to put it anywhere. So if you want to keep your bag out of the mud while the kids play on the trail or hang it off the changing table at the park, the HEROCLIP is there for you. Its simple design makes it a perfect companion on any adventure from the trail to the grocery store.

Photo: Laura Castro


3. Deuter Kikki

Skip getting your child a stocking this year and just stuff a Deuter Kikki full of hiking gear for your little one. This is the perfect way to get kids more interested in walking on their own. Plus, you can let your little one pack their own bag with snacks, essentials and gear they need for the trail.

Photo: Ali Chandra


4. BOB Revolution Flex Lunar

With the days getting shorter, make it easier on your family to get outside for an evening stroll with a BOB stroller designed with safety in mind. The BOB Lunar has all the features you love about the Revolution Flex line like air-filled tires and a swiveling locking-front wheel, easy foot brake, extra large cargo basket, fully upright seating, easy maneuverability, and the two-fold system that makes it a cinch to transport your stroller. While the Lunar reflective fabric is designed for use at night, it is also perfect for daytime use.

Photo: Deanna Curry


5. Onya Baby Pure

Yes, we talk about this carrier A LOT and there is a good reason. We love the Onya Pure for hiking with little ones and toddlers. It’s perfect for winter or summer with the zip-up cooling vent; and it’s durable and easy to clean. It weighs less than a pound and is so easy to attach to the outside of your bag if your kid wants to walk.

Photo: Laura Castro


Be Generous

Set yourself up for a full year of adventures with these two generous gifts.

Gift guide 2017 Hike it Baby


1. State or National Park Pass

This one is for the whole family! Grab a state or national park pass and have the kids help you choose a place to go. This is a great way to also give back to the places that you love and visit. Road trip, anyone?

2. Hike it Baby Membership

Give the gift of a Hike it Baby membership to a friend or loved one and share your love of nature. This is a great way to encourage a friend to get outside more in the year ahead!


Making a List, Checking it Twice …

This holiday season, skip the toys that make noise or get forgotten about in a week. Instead, give the gift of getting outside with these great gifts to help you do so! Bookmark or print this list, send it to family and friends and be on your way to a year of family outdoor adventures.

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