Feeling a little stressed out about the holidays? Go for a walk. Clear your head. Even if it’s just 15 minutes around the block.

Here we are. It’s December. It’s chilly, dark, and gosh dang it, getting out just isn’t as easy. Is it? This time of year requires some extra motivation. This is when I try to wrap my outdoors stuff with something fun like a good reward.

For example, at the end of the day on Wednesdays I meet my friend Amy for her St. John Beer Porch Hike. We do a fast walk around the neighborhood and then go to a food cart area. It’s so fun to hang out under the big warm tent where the kids can move about freely. (I’m forever in search of places I can take my toddler and he won’t destroy and wreak havoc on everything.)

Being creative is the key to getting out. Take small bites. Don’t plan a huge hike mid-December if you know there are snow storms heading your way. Opt for a simple coffee walk that can be fun whether you make it outdoors or not. If it’s so rotten out that it’s a no-go, you still have a fun meet-up planned.

December is a month when there are a lot of family events. Sometimes it’s just nice to relax with friends. Plan weekend morning or afternoon hikes at street fairs, winter festivals, ice sculpture events, or craft fairs. You can get some holiday shopping in, some social time, and move about a bit. It’s so easy to overeat and sit around in December. Plan movement into your life.

Did you know just 20 minutes of outdoor walking can boost the creative brain for 60 minutes after you come indoors? Go for a walk and then dive into your holiday craft project, wrap presents or write holiday cards.

Happy hiking and I hope to see you all out there!

Home Stretch Hike 2015

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