The other day I had a really awesome hike. It wasn’t long or a new discovery. It really wasn’t anything more than a toddler walk that we’ve done a million times before. We were, however, joined by some of the women who hiked with me before I even thought of launching Hike it Baby. The original crew!

As Hike it Baby grew in Portland some of the group’s first hikers stopped hiking with us. There were many reasons for this: the group got too big, some were not able to carry their kids any more, pregnant with a second child, they went back to work, or they got busy with other activities.

It was fantastic to see these early few return. It was these original women I hiked with who inspired me to start Hike it Baby and share this idea with you all.

Week after week they surprised me and showed up in rain, snow, ice, sun and wind. They led hikes, helped motivate me and reminded me every week that this was something people wanted. Our experience was better together.

Hike it Baby is only a little over 2 years old. We now have 210 branches and 80,000 families participating in our conversation about hiking across the U.S. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me! I am definitely still in awe.

Seeing these ladies again was a reminder that all it takes is a few people to start a healthy, happy and powerful movement that can influence our culture to work toward the positive. It’s kind of awesome that we started as just a small group of people hiking and now have 2,000 hikes a month in the calendar!

So what’s happening in the next few months? 

We are an ever-evolving organization. Our growth has brought many changes. As of 2016 we are happy to announce that we now have non-profit status. This opens up many opportunities for us that we can’t wait to explore.

It’s now time for Mason and me to leave our Portland bubble and get to know some of you. We’re hitting the road during the Hike it Baby 30 April challenge. We’ll be leading hikes across the west in April and early May! We’ll share more details as we finalize the locations.

We’re off to a great 2016! I can’t wait to see you all out there and hear about your amazing hikes. If Hike it Baby has made a difference in your life, Share the Love!

Happy trails,


They’re Back!
Grab your HiB State Shirt Before They’re Gone

Spring is here so we are rolling out state shirts…one by one. Here’s a link to see if your state is live! This week we have shirts west of the Rockies live. You only have 14 days to buy these from when we post so keep checking back!



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Lead-a-hike in March, Win a prize

All around the world, Hike it Baby families are getting outside and hiking trails because of the incredible volunteers who Lead Hikes for their group! We appreciate this so much that we automatically enter every person who submits a hike to the website calendar in a prize drawing at the end of each month.This month you have a chance to win one of three prizes from our prize sponsors at Omega,North Face, and the Okee Dokee Brothers! Anyone can lead a hike, just ask your local Branch Lead if you have any questions. What are you waiting for? Fill up that calendar and Lead a Hike this month!

Congratulations to our February prize winners!

How we all got here (3)Congratulations to the volunteers who submitted hikes to the website calendar in February and won some fun prizes!

MyMayu on the trail and now, on TV!

Did you hear the news? One of our partners, MyMayu, is appearing on CBC’s Dragons’ Den on March 16, 2016. Dragons’ Den is a Canadian TV show similar to the US’ Shark Tank. Catch them when it airs! If you love your MyMayu outdoor gear give them some social media love #mymayukids #mymayuboots

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