Hike it Baby 30 September 2020

This Hike it Baby 30 Challenge we have two goals:

  • Get outside every day in September
  • Raise $30,000

Why $30,000?

To be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive it was necessary to eliminate the cost of membership. Membership fees were a significant part of our income and in order to continue, we need more financial support through donations.

Additionally, COVID-19 has impacted our sponsors’ ability to support us in 2020. We’ve done everything we can to reduce our budget, trimming our expenses by 60% of what we planned for 2020. However, between the loss of membership revenue and the loss of sponsorship revenue, we’re short by $30,000 (about 13% of our adjusted total budget).

Support free membership and HiB30 for all! Donate today!

How is Your Donation Used?

Your donation goes directly to supporting Hike it Baby programs, administration, and fundraising. This includes popular resources like the Hike it Baby 30 event, the Family Trail Guide, activity sheets, the website, insurance to cover hike hosts, and Ambassador training and support.

  • It costs $7 per in-person hike.

  • It costs $76 to support an Ambassador each year. On average we train 100 new Ambassadors annually. We currently support 400+ Ambassadors.

  • It costs $44 per year to maintain a branch. We currently have 309 branches.

  • It costs $12,000 to run each Hike it Baby 30.

  • We have a staff team of 6 with only one full-time employee. Our highest paid employee makes $17/hour.

graphic showing the hike it baby financial stats

How Hike it Baby Compares

We are a small nonprofit with an incredible reach. For reference, we thought it would be helpful to show Hike it Baby’s financials side by side with two relevant nonprofits in the outdoor space.

Nonprofit A has $675K annual revenue with a reach of 40K people.

$675k / 40,000 people = $16.87 per person

Nonprofit B has an annual revenue of $1.2 million in revenue with a reach of 600 students.

$1,118,000 / 600 active students = $1,863 per person

Hike it Baby has an annual revenue of $225k with a reach of 275,000 community members.

$225,000 / 275,000 community members = $0.81 per person

We will be able to support all of our community members in 2020 on just $225k if our community can help us close the last 13% of our budget.

You can check out a breakdown of all financial reports here.

Furthering our Mission

We rely on the generosity of donors to make Hike it Baby sustainable for future generations and affirm our mission to create opportunities and remove barriers to access so families with babies and young children can take their first steps outside.

This year, we updated our mission and vision to reflect the current and aspirational work of Hike it Baby. We are making the outdoors a more equitable place by normalizing time spent in nature and who is welcome in nature. We are doing this by creating communities where nature is redefined as not only a faraway space only to be enjoyed by those with the privilege, means, and abilities to be “adventurous” and “outdoorsy,” but also as a place that is welcoming, safe, and accessible for all. Regardless of background, race, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender, relationship, age, size, shape, language, and more, anyone who wants to experience the outdoors is the NEW definition of “outdoorsy.” Please read our updated mission and vision here.

Leaving a Legacy

We’re confident in the changes we’ve made to our mission and to membership that specifically focus on our core value in leaving no family behind.

We wholeheartedly believe in the work we’re doing and one of the best ways you can support the mission and vision of Hike it Baby is financially through direct donations and indirect donations like Amazon Smile, shopping our Amazon shop, and through the Benefit app.

We are so grateful to you for how you’ve cheered us on for the past seven years and thank you for your continued support.

If you have more questions please email info@hikeitbaby.com.

About Hike it Baby

Hike it Baby is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to getting families outdoors and on trails across the U.S. and internationally, supporting, educating and inspiring families through their more than 300 communities across North America. Since its grassroots inception in 2013 in Portland, Oregon, Hike it Baby is now a growing community of 270,000 families and 500 volunteer branch ambassadors hosting more than 1,600 hikes per month. More information, as well as daily hike schedules, can be found at HikeitBaby.com, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.


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