I know summer is still far away but I am getting excited. It’s coming, right? The other day on our walk in the woods I saw some crocus poking their green stalks out of the ground. That’s the first sign!

The second sign is that the campgrounds just opened their floodgates for booking and it’s time to plan for July. What? Plan camping for July in January? Yes, that’s right. Did you know that Reserve America is one of the only ways to book most government campgrounds and you can pretty much forget about group sites.

Every summer we have wiggled our way into a situation where we never really can have all of the people or the dates we want. This year we partnered up with HIPCAMP and, gosh darn it, we are going to go camping!

We are asking that everyone please visit HIPCAMP.com and sign up. It’s FREE! Also go to Access Land and sign the petition to stop the monopoly that is blocking campgrounds from being easily reserved.

Did you know that Reserve America is not a government company but a private company that has contracted with the government and has locked all campgrounds so no one else can offer reservations? The equivalent would be if Delta owned every plane and you couldn’t book with any other airline. That would mean they could dictate prices and control when you fly and what you pay. They could also add on other miscellaneous fees.

Help HIPCAMP change this over the next few years by shouting it out loud that you want to camp! Let’s use our strong community power to have a positive impact on campgrounds nationwide. #freethecampgrounds pass it on.

Meanwhile, you can come camp with me in April when I go on tour! I will be posting a calendar soon and staying at HIPCAMP spots across the Western US. HIPCAMP will be giving all Hike it Baby families a discount! Come join Mason and me as we go on a big adventure.

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What’s better than leading a hike and making new friends? Leading a hike and being entered to win some awesome prizes! Anyone can lead a hike and everyone who submits a hike to the Hike it Baby calendar is automatically entered to win at the end of the month. It’s that easy. If you are feeling nervous about leading a hike on your own, ask a friend or a Branch Lead to co-lead with you! Let’s fill up our calendar!


Welcome New Branch Leads

Capital Region, NY — Rebekah Hinckley
Boise — Elsa Johnson
Manhattan — Lauren Crossley
San Marcos — Patricia Petmecky Matthews
Birmingham, AL — Sabrina McClain
Prince Frederick — Abby Sines
North Shore, MA — Samantha Watson
Concord — Shawna Lavoie
Kalamazoo — Julie Collard
Waterford — Gwenn Rosenberg Wildman
Ottawa, ON — Melanie Lucas
Providence, RI — Kathy and David Christie
Westminster — Loren Olmstead
Kansas City — Kristin Fritchman
San Diego — Jodilynn Kim
London, UK — Keren Parsalidis
Augusta — Heather Edwards
North Dallas — Ashley Willingham
Bel Air, MD — Laurie Syphard
Charleston, WV — Sarah Anderson
Brownsville — Caroline Moore
Phoenix Metro — Jennifer Nerat
Hillsdale — Julie Kunz
Charleston — Christina Fleming
Prince Frederick — Laurel Cahill
Whatcom County — Rebecca Houston
Edmonton — Amy Holden
Snohomish — Jennifer Bradwin
Houston — Rebecca Harrison
Kitsap County — Melissa Keberlein
Staten Island — Mary Fiore
Charleston — Rachel Adams
Kitsap County — Jamie Barnett
Vashon — Jessica Tilden
Tacoma — Amy Tomblin
Looking for a branch in your area? Schedule a hike today and you’ll automatically be entered to win one a Lead-a-Hike prize. Didn’t see a local branch listed? Read about how you can get one started!

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