IBW Week's Onya Baby Carrier Winners

Congratulations to our three winners from the October International Babywearing Week and Hike it Baby’s Onya Baby Giveaway! These three lucky winners logged hikes the week of October 4th, automatically entering them into the contest. Thank you to our friends at Babywearing International for partnering with Hike it Baby in a week of babywearing celebration!  Also, thanks to our sponsors at Onya Baby for providing these amazing prizes! Each winner scored a brand new Onya Baby carrier.  Here is what the lucky winners had to say:

Katie Henley, HiB Casper – She hiked with Maisie, 1 year, and says, “Baby and I love to go on walks, but I am hoping this will help get us off the beaten path as a family.”

Beth Klein, HiB Chicago – She hiked with Daddy and Ben, 21 months, and says, “This carrier is much lighter and more breathable than others. It will fit in our daypack well. Plus, the built-in seat is so handy!”

Jill Baker, HiB Corvallis – She hiked with Fox, 2.5, and says, “Our toddler likes to hike on his own now but still needs breaks. The Onya carrier seems to offer more for toddler wearing than others.”

These awesome hikers will be ready to babywear using their new Onyas when we celebrate International Babywearing Week next year!  Looking to buy an Onya?  We sell them in our online store! How did you celebrate IBW or how do you love your Onya Baby carrier? Share your stories with us!


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