Whether it’s a window box or a large backyard plot, planting a garden with your kids is a wonderful way to bring nature into your daily lives. It’s also a great way to mix in fun and meaningful educational experiences while spending time outdoors together. In this guest post, Imagine Childhood shares simple garden activities for kids — along with a list of their favorite sturdy tools and garden kits — that will have your family out in the dirt all season long!

Spring in the Garden for Hike it Baby

Spring in the Garden: Free  Crafts + Activities

1. Cloth Garden Calendar

A great way to get the garden ball rolling is with a calendar. This sweet cloth garden calendar includes tiny cloth veggies that can be put into pockets.  It’s so much fun for little ones learning about plants and the growing season.

Spring in the Garden for Hike it Baby

2. Eggshell Seedlings

Looking for an eco-friendly way to start those seeds after you finish planning? Try your hand at these eggshell seedlings, or give our paper pot maker a try! It’s a great way to use leftover newspaper or scrap packing paper.

Spring in the Garden for Hike it Baby

3. Spring Theater

Once plants start to grow outdoors, make a Spring Theater to observe the magic of the season up close.

Spring in the Garden for Hike it Baby

4. DIY Garden Chess Game

Like playing games? Try your hand at this DIY Garden Chess Game

Spring in the Garden for Hike it Baby

5. Garden Markers

Once you plant those seeds of yours, you’ll need a few garden markers to help you remember where you put everything. These city planning garden markers are some of our favorites!

Spring in the Garden for Hike it Baby

Favorite Garden Tools and Kits

Spring in the Garden for Hike it Baby

Sturdy Garden Tools + Supplies

Lovely Garden Kits and Books

Garden Cookies

Seed Ball Kit

Watering Can

Seedling Trays

And so much more

Spring in the Garden for Hike it Baby

About Imagine Childhood

Imagine Childhood is a family-owned and operated company specializing in earth-friendly goods, craft and activity tutorials, and educational supplies that support and nurture the magic of childhood. Our carefully curated collection focuses on products that inspire children to create, imagine and explore. With an emphasis on quality materials, our toys and tools are made for real kids and real adventures.  

In addition to our shop, we also share free crafts, activities and recipes on our blog here and our recent book, IMAGINE CHILDHOOD: Exploring the World Through Nature, Imagination, and Play, can be found here.

Photos and article courtesy of Imagine Childhood. This post is sponsored by Imagine Childhood. Hike it Baby received compensation in exchange for this guest post.


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