Congratulations to Marsha Knepp winning a pair of shoes of her choice for her and her child, thanks to our Hike it Baby Title Sponsor, KEEN. Marsha won this great prize by signing up to achieve 30 miles in 30 days OR spend 30 minutes outside 3 times per week with her family.

Hike it Baby hosts the HiB30 Challenge four times per year. Families from all over the globe come together to challenge themselves and encourage each other, forming a supportive and inspiring community. Over the course of January’s challenge, 1,785 families achieved a grand total of 19,238 miles and 819,918 minutes outside. That’s amazing!

This is what Marsha had to say about January’s HiB30 Challenge:


You won a pair of adult and a pair of kids shoes of your choice from our Title Partner at Keen. How are you going to use them?

I’m excited for my daughter and I to use these for hikes this spring and summer. Especially excited for my daughter as this is the first year that she’ll be a confident walker (and a big sister).

What is your favorite memory from the HiB30 Challenge this January?

Watching my daughter explore.

Did you have any challenges to overcome? If so, how did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge was trying to get out after work before it got dark. I was worried about the cold weather and me being pregnant, but neither of those seemed to stop us!

What is your number one piece of advice you would give to other families unsure about getting outside for 30 minutes 3 times per week OR achieving 30 miles in 30 days?

Plan, plan, plan. I have trouble leaving work on time (because I feel like I’m never done), but with the motivation to get us outside in a little daylight, there were several days where I just had to make myself leave on time. Even if it meant getting back to it later. And I’m glad I did.

Photo Credit: Alhy Berry


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