Planning a camping trip this summer? Or just wanting to know more about what to expect when camping? These selections will give you a taste of camping without even leaving your home.

Monster & Mouse Go Camping by Deborah Underwood

Join Monster and Mouse on a camping trip! When Monster is a little hesitant to accompany Mouse on a camping trip, Mouse has some convincing to do! Despite the promises of hiking, sleeping in a tent and telling campfire stories, Monster is not convinced he wants to go until he hears about the food involved. While their packing list will likely be much lighter than yours (the two only pack two sleeping bags, a tent and a lamp), you can discuss with your little ones about what your family needs to take on a camping trip, which likely will vary greatly depending on the ages of your little ones.

When Monster gets hungry along the way to the campsite, the supplies begin to disappear! Find out what happens to them and how they survive the camping trip by checking out this book!

When We Go Camping by Margriet Ruurs

When We Go Camping takes readers young and old on a journey to experience a day in the life of camping. Follow two children as they experience a day of camping from sunrise to sunset through beautiful painted illustrations. These paintings take up most of each page of the book, creating stunning visuals while still teaching camping tips like putting food up high to keep it from animals. Explore with the family as they catch and cook food, hike in nature and enjoy the natural resources camping has to offer. End your journey by seeing a campfire and the sunset with the characters.

After the story, there is also a legend at the back of the book that teaches more about the animals featured in the paintings. Along with the information on the animals is a seek-and-find for each painting, asking readers to look for other objects or notice shapes in the paintings.

Cool Maps & Geocaching: Great Things to Do in the Great Outdoors by Katherin Hengel

If you’re heading on a camping trip with older kids, this book gives some great ideas that will keep them busy while enjoying the great outdoors! After giving explanations of geocaching and a safety guide, there are plenty of activities you can plan to do on your next camping trip!

The book provides a list of materials needed, so preparation is key as you may not be able to buy some items like tape and glue once you’re at your site. Create geocache bottle caps, adventure journals, plastic bag compasses, cube walkers and much more. Make your camping trip memorable and unique by creating some of these projects.

Follow the Trail: A Young Person’s Guide to the Great Outdoors by Jessica Loy

Be prepared for your camping trip by checking out Follow the Trail. Here, you will get tips from young explorers, identification pages on types of trees, wildflowers, animals, sounds, animals tracks and more. The book also includes a safety section with materials listed to make your own first-aid kit. This would be a great activity to do before a camping trip so you’re able to bring the kit to the woods with you in case of any injury.

For those new to camping, there is also a section in the book that teaches you how to set up camp. Reading this before heading to the campground will help ease any anxieties young campers may have and give them an idea of what they can expect on their adventures!

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