One of the great joys of Hike it Baby is getting to watch the love of nature develop in our kids. We are excited to share a Canadian organization with you today. For those of you in Quebec Ti-Mousse dans Brousse (translated to English: Kiddy in the Backcountry) offers French resources for bringing your child on adventures with you. We hope you enjoy her expertise!woman and small child in a canoe on a lake

Ti-Mousse dans Brousse (Kiddy in The Backcountry), a new initiative begins in Quebec

Like many prospective adventurous, mountainous and traveling parents, a great joy (scattered with anguish) grabbed hold of me when I learned that I was carrying life for the first time. “Congratulations! This is the beginning of the most beautiful of your adventures,” my friends told me … I was ready to believe it, but what would happen with my semi-nomadic life that I loved so much? It is from this moment that my spouse and I decided to be, within our abilities, models for our children by teaching them the values ​​that are paramount in our eyes, such as the respectful manners and the know-how related to the life in the great outdoors . Skills and abilities that are believed to be fundamental and positively translatable to all spheres of our lives.

Admittedly, having children changes everything, but that does not mean having to change everything… We slow down the pace, change the objectives, choose the destinations wisely and plan our journeys more carefully. These are the reflections that gave birth to the Ti-Mousse dans Brousse project!

With the training and experience as an adventure tourism guide, I knew how to transform the passion that I had for the outdoors, in a lifestyle. After guiding through Quebec and First Peoples territory, through Canada, United States and Peru, I thought that the outdoors with children could be, after all, the simple equivalent of being in charge of a canoe-camping trip with a beginner group … Everything is possible when you know how to adapt… right?! Hahaha! I was partly right although I quickly realised that newborns are much more fragile than a group of newbies, and that we must know and respect the fact that, often, it is much better to postpone certain adventures because of the appearance of a sudden fever instead of persisting through the moment…!

small girl smiling as bubbles float around herI wanted to continue going into the forest…

It is through my wish to continue my getaways in the forest with my toddlers that I realized very few practical information existed with the aim at facilitating the access to the nature for the young families. I therefore decided to create my own blog and to offer training workshops and a guidance service (lots of other upcoming projects) with the objective of informing, inspiring and motivating parents to do outdoor activities with their young children in a safe manner. TMDB wants to help create a next generation of young people connected to nature by focusing on the concept of micro-adventure and helping to simplify the related planning and logistics for new parents. It is the art of enjoying the great outdoors with its toddlers. A context of wonder for all!

Be part of the movement and bring your kiddy in the backcountry!Kiddy in the Backcountry opens in Quebec-TMDB logo


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