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We asked some of our community’s youngest “experts” the questions we’ve all been dying to have answered about bugs and bug bites. Read on for our highlight of responses, and who knows, you might even learn something too! Then be sure to watch our “Kids Explain: Bugs and Bug Bites” video created in partnership with Natrapel.

What do you think bugs are thinking about when they bite us?


“They think you’re like a juicy fruit and they drink the fruit juice out of.”

“They think we’re a snack…nom nom nom”

“It’s the blood, they need the blood”


Did you know only female mosquitoes bite? You can tell the difference between a male and a female mosquito by their antenna, that and the female mosquitoes are bigger! Female mosquitoes bite us because our blood is full of nutrients that they use to make their eggs. 

If you’re hanging out this summer in mosquito-heavy areas, wearing light colors, pants and shirts with long sleeves, and using an insect repellent can all help you get bitten less!


What would YOU put in an insect repellent?

“I think you’d put rocks in it”

“The scent of dead bugs”

“All of the stuff that bugs hate….water, and lots of stuff.”


Did you know insect repellents don’t actually repel? Repellents affect an insect’s senses such as smell and taste to prevent it from finding a human or animal host.


What would be the WORST superpower to get from a bug bite?

“Sleeping bug power, that you just fall asleep when you try to rescue people and the villians get away.”

“That you get tinier like a bug, and then you get tinier and tinier and tinier, and then you just get stepped on.”



But really, some bug bites are worse than others. Ticks and mosquitoes can spread diseases to humans. Here are a couple of tips to prevent ticks and tick bites:

  • Wear light colored clothes, long pants, and long sleeve shirts
  • Use an insect repellent when hiking in areas known to have ticks
  • Change your clothes and check you and your kiddos for ticks once you’ve returned home

How would you NOT use an insect repellant?


“ Don’t spray it in your face!”

“I think you should not spray it into the air with no bugs because that’s just wasteful.”

“I would not use it with a spider.”

We definitely agree that these are all ways you should NOT use an insect repellent, thanks kids. But you should also never let kids apply insect repellent themselves. And, when you are applying it to your kids faces, spray it into your hands first and then apply, never spray directly onto their face. 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed a bit of silliness with us, even if our “experts” gave some questionable advice. Now get outside and enjoy the summer, hopefully mosquito free!


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