Every month we like to share those moments when you think, “You Know You Are a Hike it Baby Hiker When…”.  We ask, you tell! Here are some of the thoughts that our members shared this month. How do YOU know you are a HiB hiker? Share with us on this form and we will include your comments on an upcoming blog post!

You Know You Are a HiB Hiker When...

When no one leaves the house without their walking stick. – Kim Page

When you drive through town and see trails and think that would be a nice hike. – Stephanie, Casper

When your first born is only 18 months and has already hiked nine different mountains, the Manitou Incline, and one of his first words was tree. – Stephanie Clements

You can’t wait to use your REI dividend to buy a fanny pack for trail snacks. – Britney Latimer, Tacoma

When you tell your kids you are going on a date with daddy and they ask, “Where will you be going walking at?” – Christine Greene, San Antonio

While on our HiB toddler hike, we came across an older gentleman who had fallen off his bike and had banged up his elbow. We didn’t have any bandaids on us so we patched him up with a disposable diaper! – Jennifer Nerat, Phoenix Metro

You start planning your life around HiB hikes. – Emily, Tacoma

When your 2 year old is obsessed with flipping logs in the forest & her first four syllable word is “salamander”.  – Kim Page

When your kids ask, “Where are we walking today”? – Christine Greene, San Antonio

You know you are a Hike It Baby hiker when you scope out every car entering a park’s parking lot for carseats. – Meghan, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Photo Credit: Kali Allen, @kaliallenphotography


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