Every month we like to share those moments when you think, “You Know You Are a Hike it Baby Hiker When…”. We ask, you tell! Here are some of the thoughts that our members shared this month. How do YOU know you are a HiB hiker? Share with us on this form and we will include your comments on an upcoming blog post!


Your diaper bag contains an emergency space blanket and a compass because your diaper bag is really a backpack with the 10 Essentials that happens to have some baby stuff too. – Jennifer Dotson, Seattle

When your two year old says “I want to go to the mountain!” from the backseat. – Alexandra, Tacoma

Being in nature makes me a better mommy, and being surrounded by amazing parents that feel the same way makes me feel at home. – Kristin Stalmaster, Seattle/Snohomish

You do not leave home without your baby wearer because you never know when you will have time for a quick hike. I hated my baby wearer before HiB, now it is an essential. My husband and I hike as a hobby thanks to HiB and we have bought two different park passes for the year. – Megan Finke, Milwaukee

Your 2 month old baby is screaming from hunger in the back seat and you are an hour from home but you’ve been hiking with HIB in that area before so you pull off the freeway to feed your baby at the trailhead and soothe her back to sleep in the carrier on an impromptu hike. – Amber Hinneberg, Milwaukee

You may not have cleaned the house all week but you logged 25 miles on your challenge! – Carley, Anchorage

You know you’re a HiB hike when all vacations have to include somewhere you can hike. – Julya Doyle, Prince Frederick, Maryland

Photo Credit: Ashley Scheider


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