Lead a Hike Winner  Kelly Schultz (1)Hey Hikers! Meet Kelly, Mama to Steven (Who turns 1 year old tomorrow!) and Co-Lead of Hike it Baby Rapid City! She lead hikes in May and won the monthly prize of a Linus Onesie!

Tell us about your favorite trail.
Harney Peak, it’s the highest point in the Black Hills at 7244 feet. We took Steven up there when he was just 8 weeks old.

What inspired you to lead your first HIB hike?
I had been contemplating going on our branches opening hike last year and was nervous about not knowing anyone. We had only lived in our city and few months and I didn’t know many other moms. I knew if I didn’t show up for the first one I would never get the courage to go. So I forced myself out there and have been hooked ever since!

Tell us about your prize and what you plan to do with it!!
I won the Linus Onesie, I plan on giving it to my son, if it still fits his quickly growing body, or save it for baby #2. Whenever that may be.

If you want to win a prize from Hike it Baby and one of our awesome sponsors, like the folks at Linus,  please make sure you submit a hike!

Lead a Hike Winner  Kelly Schultz (2)


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