Bethany Johnsen is a Hike it Baby Branch Ambassador in Littleton, Colo. She shared a message that she had posted to her local branch’s Facebook page with us that gives great advice about how to learn from a “hike fail”. Thank you Bethany for inspiring and encouraging us all to get outside with our families and turn those “hike fails” into a positive adventure!

Today I went on a failure of an exploratory hike in search of some shade. I set out with my kiddo and my two dogs on a half mile hike to what was supposed to be a lovely, shady 2-ish mile loop. But, when we got there the trail was closed for repairs. So our hike turned into a hot, biker filled adventure. But, instead of coming home grumpy, I took a (few) deep breaths and tried to think about the take-aways from this morning.

20160627_112220-e14681095511581.Know your limits. I’ve realized that two big dogs and a toddler are more than I can handle right now. Especially on unfamiliar ground. I love our family hikes but unless my husband is with us the dogs have to stay home until Charlie is a bit older.

2. Always bring more water than you think you’ll need, so glad I packed extra today since we were out in the sun much more than anticipated.

3. Ditto on sunscreen.

4. I’m super duper in love with the Onya Pure! Tried a couple different things today, back carry with my regular backpack over it and front carry after my guy got knocked down on the trail (thanks dogs, see #1) and needed some extra mama snuggles.

5. My kid is a trooper! Even with all the obstacles he hung in there and though we had to make some adjustments, ended with a smile on his face. He teaches me so much.

6. I miss front carrying my kiddo, he’s always on the go now and I really soaked in this snuggle time and tried to enjoy the moment, which I so often forget to do.

7. An unplanned, hot, semi-frustrating hike is still better than no hike. I always feel better after getting out in nature and this was no exception. We did it and we know more for next time.

I hope you find this encouraging! Please feel free to share things that you’ve learned on the trails that have made a difference for you. And hike on!

Bethany lives in Colorado with her husband, her 21 month old son and two dogs. She is a stay at home mom and freelance graphic designer. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago she has been in Colorado a little over two years and has fallen in love with hiking! In addition to hiking she enjoys reading, painting and knitting. She became one of the Branch Ambassadors for Littleton just a month ago.


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