From school to activities, the workweek to weekend adventures, life as a family is always in motion. We believe in the importance of being active, of spending time together, and being outside. And we know that it’s super important that we keep our kiddos (and ourselves!) fueled for our adventures. In fact, snacks are often our favorite trail motivator when our kiddos hit the wall and we are a mile from the car. But did we mention, life is busy (understatement alert!).  This is where our Life in Motion Initiative comes in.

Life in Motion is our favorite parent-sourced adventure-snacking tips rolled into fun activities, complete with new printable activity pages and our Biking Workbook. It’s all you need to kick off your summer fun, so get out and get moving!

Fruit Snack Power-Ups

“My kids LOVE fruit snacks because they are a treat they only get when they are hiking.  When they were littler, I used to hand them a fruit snack to “power them up” and then they would run like crazy on the trail, and stop when they were out of power. Then I’d give them another one to power them up and keep moving.  This saved us on many hikes!” -Jen, HiB PA

Cheers to Nature

“We do toasts on the trail when the kids are “not thirsty.”Clinking water bottles to the trees, animals we’ve seen or talked about, and the adventures yet to come.” It’s a fun way to keep kids hydrated on adventures. -Elicia, HiB WA

Set a Snack-Spot

“When we go on hikes, I always tell my kids where the snack time stopping spot is.  The faster they get there, the sooner they snack. This works because they know most of our local trails by now and are SUPER food motivated.”

This is also a great way to get your kids an extra boost of energy part-way through your outing, and will keep them going until the end!

Find Your Favorite Trail Snack

“Pouch/packet snacks like apple sauce and fruit slurry’s are our favorite. These are good because they are malleable and can really fit anywhere and not get crushed like crackers or goldfish. Also, I’ve had a baby food pouch save a mama from passing out on a really long hike- she was getting light-headed we stopped several times to help her get her bearings, finally I was like hey I have this baby food pouch want to see if it helps- sure enough it did the trick!”

“Trail mix is a favorite of the 3-year-old. It’s only a stop snack, but makes everyone happy, especially when there are chocolate treats.”

Snack Break!

Download our newest activity pages for some extra fun on your next adventure!




My Biking Workbook

Summer have you in the mood for a family bike ride? Download our My Biking Workbook below!


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