We are starting to team up with different companies and get discounts on gear. This month the following deals are available.
Onya Baby – $10 off any carrier from Onya Baby. They have a high chair built into them and the Nextstep is made from recycled plastic bottles. We love these carriers because the waist band is built based on backpack technology so it’s easier to wear your baby! www.onyababy.com/
CODE: hikeitbaby1

Together Gear – Get your Mamababy poncho! This is a poncho that protects mom and baby from rain! For front wearing but as baby grows you can remove the hood and put it on that toddler who refuses to wear a jacket but will happily don a super hero cape. www.togethergear.com

Cascade Poles – I love hiking poles and think every mama carrying should own a pair! At REI these are $80+ and here we get them for $30 with shipping and handling. These are a MUST have as your baby gets heavier and you get on trickier trails. www.mountaincascadetech.com

We’ll be working on more items every week so let us know if there is something you would like to see us get a discount on!


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