Pumpkin spice seems to be taking over the aisles of our grocery stores, but before you start indulging in that fall favorite, find some time for a trip to the apple orchard with your family. Heading straight to the source helps kids see how their food is grown and allows them to have fun too! Here are some tips for a successful trip to the apple orchard and beyond.

Making the Most Out of Apple Picking by Jessica Nave for Hike it BabyWear your baby

If you have a nonwalker, or are simply worried about your toddler running off, babywearing is key! Not only will your child be close to you, she can also grab some apples right from the trees!

Know your apples

It can be a bit overwhelming to arrive at an apple orchard when there are so many varieties of apples to choose from. Do you want sweet, eating apples? Or do you prefer to bake? This website offers plenty of information you’ll want to know before you start picking.

Have your kids actively participate

Giving your child his own bag for an apple collection can encourage healthy snacking and instill pride in your child! Having a snack he picked right from the tree can be exciting, and participating in the gathering of the apples is a great memory.

Sample the selections

All of the orchards I’ve visited in Northeast Ohio have encouraged sampling. Find some varieties you and your family will enjoy, and then let your kids get to picking! Note: Check with your orchard to see if this policy works for them!

Get crafty

If you’re like my family, you probably will pick more apples than you really need. If that’s the case, try some crafts! You can make apple prints, candles, and wreaths! Directions can be found here.

Kitchen creations

Of course, after a trip to the apple orchard come the fun of baking (and eating) with your apples. Pies, tarts, crumbles, and more will excite your senses. Kids can help in the kitchen.

Host an apple orchard hike

Get your community involved and meet at an apple orchard! Many times you may also be able to set up a tour with your local orchard to get a personal look and learning experience.

Does your family have a tradition to visit the apple orchard? Share those special memories with us in the comments below.

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Picture by Jessica Nave.

Making the Most Out of Apple Picking by Jessica Nave for Hike it Baby


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