This year for Mother’s Day, we wanted to take it in a different direction. Last year we seamlessly provided sentiment and practicality with our list. Our goal this year, however, is to encourage you to help the Outdoor Mama in your life feel loved all year. One of Hike it Baby’s core values is to “Inspire Self-Care”. We firmly believe that parents can do their jobs better if their cup is full. These suggestions may seem simple. But the truth is, just like a child’s love, the simple things are what matters.

8 Ideas for the Outdoorsy Mama

Take a good hard look at that Mama. Is she tired or bouncy? Does she need some personal time? Or perhaps she’s been working a lot and desperately wants some one-on-one time with her babies? Does she want to curl up with a book, go for a hike, or watch a show? What has she been asking for over and over? Because that’s probably what she needs the most.

1. Travel Mug for Coffee

The only coffee that is good cold is Iced Coffee. Make sure her hot beverages stay hot and her cold beverages stay cold with a travel container. Alternatively, I’ve found a color-changing coffee mug really encourages me to drink my coffee before it goes cold.

2. A Comfy Cardigan

I really struggled with finding clothing I enjoyed wearing and that was maternity or nursing-friendly. I often felt frumpy and I know I’m not the only one. I love this stylish cardigan from JoJo Maman Bebe. Classy, comfortable and washable make it trail-worthy. Pair it with a comfortable nursing bra and you can’t go wrong.

3. Memberships

Some of my favorite gifts aren’t things, but rather access to memories. Membership to Nature Centers, Museums, Zoos, and Botanical Gardens are all great ideas for your Outdoor Mama this year. We also have Hike it Baby Gift Memberships! These gifts encourage their love of the outdoors year-round and help your Mama take better care of herself.

4. Massages, Massages, Massages

By far one of our top suggestions when polling moms. Stop in at Lush and purchase a massage bar and you have years’ worth of massages at your fingertips…or you can always spring for a professional massage. Any massage is better than no massage. For our massage newbies, I’ve found YouTube to be a valuable resource.

5. A Night Alone in a Cabin with Friends or Her Partner

Some moms recharge best when their kids aren’t squashed right next to them. Find a way to give that Mama some time off-duty. This one is trickier and may require babysitting arrangements but is ultimately worth it. I go on a women’s retreat every year. That time off is hands down one of the best gifts my partner gives me.

6. Coupons or Codes for Photo Printing

We love those canvas-style pictures but probably wouldn’t buy them for ourselves.

7. Basket of Favorites

For me, this would involve a white tea blend, Trader Joe’s dark chocolate sea salt caramels, shortbread cookies, aged white cheddar cheese and a coupon for a sushi restaurant. What are your Mama’s favorite things that she turns to when she’s had a crummy day? Make a basket of them and she can use them for a pick-me-up all year.

8. Classes

Perhaps your Mama has been talking about taking an edible plants course. Maybe she’s been wanting to try Zumba. Or wants to go to Hot Yoga. Perhaps she’s been meditating and wants to take a class on that. Make those memories happen for her this year.

It’s the little things that make life easier and better. Find a way to encourage your Mama year-round. Ultimately, every mom needs to know she’s loved and appreciated. Make that happen for the mom in your life. Tell her that you’ve seen what she’s been doing and that it means a lot to you. Say “thank you.”

Photo Credit in Graphic: Tais Kulish

Need more gift ideas? Check out the Hike it Baby store on our website! We also offer the option of buying gift memberships for others you know would enjoy becoming a Hike it Baby member.

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