Mt.-Tabor-Again-627x470Leader: Jodie Lundin
Distance: 2.78 mi
Duration: 1:14:55

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Mother Nature is smiling on hikeitbaby mamas and babies, and on Mt Tabor today!

Eight beautiful mamas and eight even more beautiful babies concurred the volcano today in a 2.78 mi hike that took 1hr 14 min with an elevation change of +- 500 ft. We began at the playground with a quick ascension up stairs on the NW side to the top.

A great way to shake off the morning chillies and get blood pumping for the remainder of the trail hike!! As we descended, we got an awesome clear view of downtown PDX just over Resevoir 5 before heading up another set of stairs. Then we meandered on trail upward back to our starting point. This was a fine opportunity to bond with others and share some laughs while getting a great workout.

The app calculated 635 calories burned and our group decided it was double that amount since we were all toting kiddos! 😉


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