The queen of excuses and afraid of everything unknown, I uncomfortably registered for the HIB30 challenge, most days secretly riding the bravery coat tails of my adventurous toddler, pulling me down undiscovered paths and up mountain trails I never would have had the courage to venture onto by myself. But, “for the challenge!” I’d say, and off we’d go.

Wanting to be rid of those last, stubborn baby weight pounds and strategically hoping to build a solid exercise habit into our routine, we signed on, paid our fee, and promised ourselves 30 miles in 30 days, 30 minutes outside 3 times a week, “NO MATTER WHAT.”

Today was like any other, we bundled up from head to toe, the two year old squealing with excitement, hot wheels car in hand and a giggly gleam of adventure in his eye. The tiny, swaddled up and wrapped in about twenty layers snuggled into my chest for his morning My Hike it Baby 30 Story - Tiffanynap and with one last look at the temp by the always worried, anxious mama we opened the garage door to a world of white, swirling and dancing, almost taunting and inviting us at the same time.

“No matter what, right Eddie?”

“Yep!” And out we set for our mile.

As we chuckled at the pig statue covered in snow that greets us halfway, I realized I may have broken that clever, tempting excuse barrier after all and what’s better, made my goals. In our 24 days of this challenge, I’ve lost those pesky pounds, I’ve gotten my ‘loves the outdoors’ tot outside to explore and witness all Mother Nature can proudly exhibit, some days in tee shirts, others, well…I’ve learned that my sweet Eddie talks and talks more than any other time when we are walking, and the conversation is one to be admired.

I’ve watched as our bond, somewhat bruised and tattered from life changes not only healed but thrived and grew even deeper and stronger in ways I know will now survive the test of time and life, this brings me the most joy.  I have gained a courage and confidence I didn’t know I could have. And in the end perhaps most valuable of all, I’ve created memories with my beautiful boys.

I took this picture to hang up as a reminder of all of this and a word of encouragement to our future selves. I’m so thankful for this challenge and organization gifting us in ways even we hadn’t imagined. Here’s to many more adventures and treasures to be found…

“No matter what, right Eddie?!” “Yep!”

Tiffany is a member of the Helena, Montana HIB Branch. She first joined Hike It Baby at 35 weeks pregnant with hopes of eventually walking the baby out! Immediately she fell in love with the people and the trails. Tiffany lives in Helena with her boys, Edison (2.5), Sullivan (3 months), and her husband Phillip.

Do YOU have an inspiring HIB30 story to share? Send it to the blog team at  and help motivate others to join us in getting our families outside!


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