This past January, our Hike it Baby team ventured to Outdoor Retailer to meet with companies and organizations serving outdoor families. We’re excited to share a few new outdoor brands and products you may not have heard of before. Whether an exciting new approach to outdoor gear, a brand with a compelling mission, or a new product in the market, these five companies stood out to us.

Butler Boots

Butler Boots are all-weather, water-resistant boots that can be worn three different ways.

They come with a washable, removable liner that keeps little toes warm in temps as cold as -30F, which is great for playing in the snow. For those wet, rainy days that are perfect for puddle jumping, the liner can be removed and the accordion-style feature makes it easy to slip them over existing shoes. When back inside, just take the wet boots off without a shoe change! And when lounging around the house, the liner can be worn as comfy slippers. They’re available in four colors and a tall and short version.

My son absolutely loves wearing Butler Boots. The material feels so springy that he bounces off running circles around the house and on the trails. He and I are both excited that these could be worn right over tennis shoes. The convenience of not having to replace his shoes after he plays in the mud and creek, or puddle stomps, is definitely a bonus. – Vong Hamilton

Brands you may not know for Hike it Baby

Photo by Vong Hamilton

Kari Traa 

Fashion meets function with Kari Traa. Kari Traa is a champion freestyle skier with three Olympic medals to her name and a clothing brand designed for active women. Kari Traa makes a variety of active wear from wool base layers to outerwear. Since it’s all designed by women, it fits a woman’s body well.

I’m loving my wool base layer top from Kari Traa. It’s a half zip and perfect for Wisconsin weather. I really love all the fun, bold patterns. The silhouette is excellent for my body shape and when I lift my arms, my shirt stays put. I’m not constantly fidgeting with my top while out on a hike. – Jessica Featherstone

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If you’re past the phase where your baby pulls on everything and you’re ready to sport earrings again, check out OneWild’s handcrafted genuine leather, sterling silver earrings.

What’s unique about OneWild is their mission. In addition to having a fun, unique, and beautiful aesthetic, OneWild is committed to artisanal craftsmanship and fair labor practices. They’re also committed to community. OneWild donates $1 of every pair of earrings sold to programs that help women and girls feel #wildlyconfident in the world.

What I love about these earrings is they’re incredibly lightweight, making them easy on the ears to wear. They look elegant and feel effortless. You don’t even feel like you’re wearing earrings at all! – Christina Merhar

New Brands for Outdoor Family Gear for Hike it Baby

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If you have been at a campsite and wanted to leave a soup in the slow cooker, this bag is for you. Wonderbag is a non-electric heat-retention cooker. It can continue to cook food that has been brought to a boil up to 12 hours without any additional fuel. A bonus is that it will never overcook or burn your meals. It can also work as a cooler bag. Best part: For every large Wonderbag purchased, one is given to a family in Africa, so women don’t have to spend all day cooking.

We end up camper camping quite a bit and this has been so helpful the last few trips. We simply start something in the morning like we would with a slow cooker and then leave it in the camper to cook while we hike. In the evening, we already have part of the meal done! – Jessica Featherstone

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 Night Trek 

We’re always on the lookout for lighting that works well for adults and kids. As such, we were excited to discover Night Trek 270 Tactical Shoe Lights.

Night Trek safely lights the way from dusk until dawn with hands-free lighting. But instead of a headlamp, the lights clip on to your shoes. The ultra-light and ultra-bright tactical shoes lights illuminate the path ahead and provide 270-degree visibility. They are rechargeable, rugged high-performance lights that work well in all-weather and terrain.

“I love going on night hikes with our kids, but one problem we have with headlamps is that I often get blinded by my preschooler’s bright light every time he looks up at me. My son also tends to fidget with his headlamp (i.e., taking it on and off 100 times or pulling my headlamp off when I’m back carrying), so the shoe lights are a great solution! They clip securely to adult or kid shoes and do a great job of lighting the path ahead.” – Christina Merhar

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Do you have a favorite new or innovative product? What type of hiking or outdoor gear should we review next? Comment below!

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Disclaimer: Hike it Baby was provided with free product for this round up and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are Hike it Baby’s own and not influenced by any company or its affiliates. Comments provided by Hike it Baby staff are their own and reflect their own opinion of these products and brands.

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  • Joey
    Joey Johnson

    Really love our KidORCA rain boots! They have attached gators that go up the thigh! Pair these with an Oaki suit and you’re golden!


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