Can you believe it’s almost November? We’re hiking right out of fall and into winter!

A year ago we were just about to launch the first Hike it Baby 30 challenge. It was so exciting to see people signing up and chatting in the Hike it Baby 30 room. I never would have imagined that Hike it Baby would grow to be such a huge and fun national group. And yet, here we are!

As we go into this winter I want to remind everyone that even though Hike it Baby families love to get out in crazy weather (so amazing!), please remember to prepare. Usually the weather looks worse from inside looking out, so go for it! Bundle up and step out the door. If you notice that you are getting cold remember that your little one is probably colder. You are hiking and moving, but they are not.

Below are a few layering tips that I used when Mason was little. Most still work even now that he is older.

  1. Wicking materials: If your baby is up against you and you are sweating a lot, they are getting sweaty too. Think about dressing them up in fleece PJs as a first layer.
  2. Itty bitty toes: Little toes get cold fast. Splurge or look for used wool socks to go on your little ones feet underneath your fleece footed PJs.
  3. Don’t delay: H&M, second hand stores, GAP often have a lot of down options in jackets, booties and gloves. Go seek them out now before the really cold days arrive because once the cold hits everyone will be in the stores.
  4. Re-purpose your gear: A large jacket can be the perfect way to keep both you and a little one warm. Use a pair of adult wool socks to add an extra layer of warmth for your baby’s legs and feet. Simply pull up them over their socks and booties. Get creative.
  5. Tea: Tea in a thermos is the perfect way to warm up after a hike. Mint tea is my favorite! Have something warm ready so you can warm up. If your baby is drinking water, consider mixing some hot tea with cooler water (to bring the temp down a little). And if they are old enough for you to add honey, double yum!
  6. Hot water & a container: If you are bottle feeding parent, a warm thermos of hot water in a wide mouthed container can warm up a cold bottle of milk fast! Carry it in your pack during the hike or have it ready at car for when you get back.

Getting out in late fall and winter is an adventure. It might take a little extra preparation but once you are out on the trail, putting one foot in front of the other, you will quickly forget about that extra work. Last November I shocked myself by hiking 54 miles on the Wildwood Trail! A combination of the Hike it Baby 30 challenge and new friends made it possible. We did it together.

Set a goal for yourself this November and get out there! I know you can do it!



Prep for HiB30

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