Congratulations to everyone who competed in November’s HiB30 Challenge! All of the Challengers were entered to win some pretty amazing prizes and here are a few of the big winners this time around! Read more posts in the Hike it Baby Blog with other hiking winners and their stories. Thanks to our Hike it Baby Prize Partners at Last Child in the Woods, Green Toys, Roadrunner Sports, Simple Wishes, Smoothie-licious, and juDanzy, we can give these lucky winners incredible prizes! Do you want to be eligible to win from these great companies and many more? All you have to do is join in the next HiB30 Challenge! It’s that easy and so much fun!

November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (1)November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (2)November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (1)November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (1)November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (3)November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (2)

What prize did you win? How excited are you about it?

Last Child in the Woods – Book by Richard Louv
Irene Edmisten hiked with Gabriel (18 months) and said, “I won “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv. I am THRILLED!!! I have read a little and it is wonderful. I can’t wait to really dig in. I am so grateful to be a winner! How awesome that I got to get out in nature, connect with my son, lose some weight and win a prize!”

Green Toys – Dig & Discover
Zoe Wroten-Heinzmann hiked with Clover (2 years) and Rye (1 year).

Roadrunner Sports R-Gear outfit. ($140 max) Yoga pants, tank and ½ zip
Shelly Van Ess hiked with Isabelle (6 months) and said, “I won a workout outfit from Very excited about this! Who doesn’t love workout clothes!”

Simple Wishes Bra
Kassia Hansen hiked with Vaida (13 months) and said, “I won the Simple Wishes Bra and I am super excited about it because a good nursing bra is crucial for me, especially for easy access while out on the trail.”

Denise Downey hiked with Austin (3 years) and Cora (1 year) and said, “Nursing bra. I am no longer nursing my kids, but I am excited about donating it.”

Two more lucky winners won bras from Simple Wishes!

Smoothie-licious – Book by Jenna Helwig
Jessa McCauley hiked with Neila (3 years), Truitt and Larkin (16 months) and said, “A book with smoothie recipes for the whole family. It will help us get energized for our Hike it Baby outings!”

Carley Dowd hiked with Charlotte (4 months) and said, “The smoothie-licious book! I’m excited to make smoothies for my family, my baby is close to starting solids so I hope there are some good recipies!”

juDanzy $50 Online Gift Certificate
One lucky winner won a $50 gift certificate from juDanzy!

How many miles and/or minutes did you achieve?

Irene – About 20 miles.

Zoe – More than 1000 minutes, though I’m sure I left some out!

Shelly – 3 miles.

Kassia – 7.9 miles, 343 minutes.

Denise – 35 miles.

Jessa – 22.3 miles, 1,795 minutes.

Carley – 30 miles, around 1000 minutes.

What did you enjoy most about this HiB30 Challenge?

November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (4)Irene – I love having a reminder to get out there and explore nature! I think this is something I would do anyway- but rather than just go for walks near our home I am inspired to find new and challenging trails!

Zoe – I loved the motivation to try new playgrounds and hiking spots! We spend a lot of time outside in our yard, but the challenge inspired me to explore a little more.

Shelly – It pushed me BUT we were sick a lot the month of November so we barely made it out.
We did make some new friends from this which I love!

Kassia – My daughter just started walking so with this challenge I most enjoyed letting her do a lot of the walking on her own. We didn’t get a lot of miles in this month but she loved the independence of being out of the carrier. The snow has also been a lot of fun to get around in. Instead of being pushed in a stroller she was able to be pulled around in a sled.

Denise – This gave me motivation to get out, even as the weather was turning colder.

Jessa – I liked tracking our outside time this challenge since it’s harder to get miles with 3 toddlers.

Carley – I loved the motivation to get out. I felt connected to the HiB community through the challenge.

Who helped keep your family motivated the most to get outside?

Irene – Definitely me. My husband works a lot and crazy hours. Hopefully I’ll get him on a hike with us someday!

Zoe – Our friends and neighbors, Kara and her daughter Louise, signed up for the challenge with us and did most of the walks/playtimes with us as well — not to mention shared stroller-pushing and baby-wearing duties as our finicky toddlers kept requesting different methods of transportation.

Shelly – My fiancé.

Kassia – I have our dog, Lebowski, to thank for a lot of the motivation to get outside this month. We got most of our outdoor time in while taking him for walks. The snow was also a big incentive to get outside and play.

Denise – I think I was the one most motivated.

Jessa – My kids! They all love playing outside so much. Also, the friends I have met through Hike it Baby; I look forward to seeing them when we go on walks or meet at a playground.

Carley – Mostly me but my husband went on several family hikes so we got our miles.

What accomplishment are you most proud of this Challenge?

Irene – Pushing myself physically. Definitely working on that baby weight.

Zoe – Hiking over a mile and a half while tandem babywearing!

Shelly – That I’m now into hiking!

Kassia – I am most proud that we didn’t let the cold and snow hold us back. We bundled up and enjoyed my daughter’s first chance to play in the snow!

Denise – Hitting the 30 miles with 2 kids, even when we had a terrible storm that left us without power for 8 days.

Jessa – We did the #optoutside challenge on Black Friday with my mom and niece.

Carley – Reaching 30 miles.

Why should families around the world join in the HiB30 Challenges?

November '15 HiB30 Challenge Winners! (5)Irene – Oh gosh…what a great way to build community and friendship! I think the best connections and conversations are had while walking. There is something about movement that helps you open up…both children with their parents and parents connecting with other parents. Getting off the couch, out of the house and back to nature is the best thing in the world.

Zoe – It’s a great motivator to get outside more even if you feel like you’re already a pretty active family. It also gets you in touch with a network of other parents who are excited to get out and hike with their kids-and who understand the sometimes slow or frustrating nature of hiking with little ones along.

Shelly – Besides being a healthy lifestyle choice it’s a great opportunity to make new friends who are positive and into hiking!

Kassia – I feel that joining in the HIB30 challenges gives me a little extra motivation to get outside, relax, and forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even if you can’t get a lot of time or miles in it’s nice to be able to spend whatever one on one time you can afford with your family and nature.

Denise – It’s a great way to motivate yourself to get out and enjoy nature, even when you have to bundle up a bit.

Jessa – For me, first and foremost, it’s about supporting the awesome organization that is Hike it Baby.

Did you have a moment when you thought you may not make the goal you set for yourself? How did you get past it?

Irene – Right in the middle. We got pretty sick and it was a big challenge to get out for even short walks. We didn’t meet our goal but I am happy with what we did accomplish.

Kassia – I personally did not set a goal this challenge. I live life day by day and I don’t fret much about the future. Numbers aren’t as important as the time we enjoyed with each other and nature. I know that one day my daughter will look back and remember the mud puddle we stomped in or the tree we climbed rather than the number of miles we walked. Making those memories is what is most important to me.

Denise – Yes, when we lost power for 8 days, I was not motivated to go spend more time in the cold. I got past it by forcing myself to get back to our normal schedule of a daily hike.

Jessa – We didn’t actually meet our goal. We did so well in the last challenge hitting 40 miles that I thought we could reach that again. But toddler life got in the way! We had so much fun getting outside that really we are “winners” regardless.

Carley – I was worried I wouldn’t make it the first week, we had lots of hurdles and didn’t get out til the end of the week. But I pushed myself to get out 3 times a week or more after that.


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